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Do I Need Addiction Treatment?

Do I need addiction treatment? Many of us have asked ourselves a question like this. Especially recently, addiction affects many of our lives. Sometimes it’s vicarious, through the addiction of a loved one. Other times it’s personal.

The answer to whether you need addiction treatment depends on your circumstances. Different people will need treatment at different stages. But, odds are, if you’re asking the question at all, you may need help.

Do I Need Addiction Treatment for Drug Use?

The most salient symptom of a substance use disorder is increased drug use. Just how much of an increase qualifies as “too much” depends on you, the drug, and your circumstances. If you’ve gone from one drink every week to two, and you’re suffering no ill effects, you’re probably okay. However, if you have a history of substance abuse and you’ve gone from one drink per week to three per day, you may have an issue.

Some drug use is so problematic that no amount of use is okay. There is no safe amount of heroin to use. Similarly, no level of cocaine or methamphetamine use is normal. If you find yourself using these drugs, let alone increasing your usage, reach out for help. The answer to “Do I need addiction treatment?” is certainly yes.

Financial Stress

You may have a problem if you’re encountering financial issues due to your drug use. For example, if you’re short of cash but you can’t go without your daily beer, you may wish to reach out to someone. Substances should never be such a priority that you forego buying necessities in order to afford them. In other words, substance use should, if anything, be a luxury and not a need.

Keep in mind that financial stress isn’t a necessary condition for substance abuse. If you’re well off and using heavily, you may still have a problem.

Do I Need Addiction Treatment to Function?

Some people begin to drop the ball due to substance use and misuse. These folks may start making mistakes at work. Or perhaps they begin to miss their children’s sporting events in favor of drinking. In the worst cases, some people lose their jobs or spouses because they neglect their work or their partner.

If you’ve ever found that you’re a worse employee, partner, parent, or friend because of your substance use, consider asking about addiction treatment.

How We Can Help You

At the San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC) we offer addiction treatment to any who need it. Often, our patients didn’t immediately realize they needed help until they did some soul searching. We encourage you to consider whether you need addiction treatment.

At SARC, we provide comprehensive and affordable programming that works. It works because we treat the whole person and not just a collection of symptoms. The treatments we offer include,

If you’re asking “Do I need addiction treatment?” and you’re not sure what the answer is, give us a call at 866.957.7885. We’d like to talk to you and just might be able to show you a better way.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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