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For many people, the holidays are typically a time of happiness, fun, parties, and get-togethers with family and friends. However, for far too many people, it is also a time to use alcohol and other drugs. For those in recovery from addiction, even being in a room with family or friends who are partying can be dangerous. Social situations and peer pressure can make it difficult to avoid relapse. However, it's possible to stay sober when spending time with family over the holidays. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we understand that you likely want to know the answer to your questions about how families can deal with addiction during the holidays. Our caring staff is available to help individuals and their families get through the holidays and get their lives back on track through our family therapy program.

Discover several ways to avoid drug and alcohol abuse during the holidays and reach out for help from San Antonio Recovery Center today.

Why The Holidays with Family Can Be Difficult

The holidays are supposed to be such happy times. The joyful family laughing as they shop at the mall, walk through the town, and marvel at the lights and holiday displays. Friends and family members toast the holidays, day after day, it may seem in some families. Then why, if everyone is supposed to be so happy, do individuals that experience addiction to alcohol or other substances seem so sad over the holidays? The stress and anxiety that often accompany family gatherings or any large, festive celebration can lead to negative thoughts or behaviors. For many, relapse is a real danger during the holidays.

The answer often has to do with triggers, which may be different in every person. A holiday is often the saddest, most stressful time of the year for someone in recovery. People often unintentionally put themselves and others at risk during the holidays. And there is no way to make good decisions when you are under the influence--there is also no way to sober up faster, even over the holidays.

If you are in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, it's essential to know your triggers before you start celebrating over the holidays. It is difficult not to act on them. However, if you are in need of treatment for substance abuse, the compassionate professionals at San Antonio Recovery Center understand that people are at different places in their recovery. While one person may need detox services, another family member may need the benefits of comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Avoiding situations that may lead to acting on triggers is the best way families can address addiction recovery and the holidays.

What to Do if a Family Member Struggles with Addiction

Coping with a family member with addiction issues is difficult at any time, but especially during the holidays. It is important to remember that you cannot force a family member into treatment.

The individual has to decide to take the step to enter into treatment, but offering support and letting them know they are not alone may help them make the right decision. This does not mean that you should enable them, however. A few ways to support a family member struggling with addiction are:

  • Show care and compassion
  • Do not shame or criticize
  • Do not enable
  • Model accountability
  • Seek rehab and therapy if necessary
  • Do not violate their privacy
  • Expect setbacks and adjust expectations

Fortunately, our family therapy program is here to guide family members during treatment and afterward as the family heals. It is a slow process for family members, just as it is for the person that experiences addiction to alcohol or other drugs.

Help for Addiction at San Antonio Recovery Center

You do not have to feel alone any longer. Recovery is a journey, and it all begins with the first step. The first step is to contact San Antonio Recovery Center. We are available to get you started on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. Get back to the life that you had before addiction took over and gained control. You and your family can survive the holidays without the despair that addiction has caused the family.

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