Apps for addiction recovery

The saying that there is an app for everything holds true for those in recovery, too. Today, technology is making living your best life even easier. People turn to their smartphones and watches for communication, weight loss, learning, and now, recovery support.

If you are someone in recovery from a substance use disorder, what apps should you be looking at to help you stay sober as part of a comprehensive aftercare program? Here are three worth checking out:

1. Sober Grid

Sober Grid is a mobile sober community that ensures there is always someone to talk to when you need to connect. This app is a recovery social media platform a lot like Facebook. You create an account, it’s free, and set up your profile. With that done, you can socialize virtually with other people in recovery.

Sober Grid even has a feature that allows you to locate individuals in your area if you need to reach out to find a meeting or grab a cup of coffee. The GPS locator function also helps them find you if you need help.

One of the best services that come with Sober Grid is the Daily Quests. It’s a unique feature that gives you small tasks to do throughout the day to fight off negative thinking and inspire you in your sobriety.

Sober Grid works on both iOS and Android platforms and costs nothing but time. You’ll find it on Google Play or the Apple App Store.


Nomo, like Sober Grid, is free to use with ads and available for android or iOS phones. It is more like a social network for two, though. You use NOMO with an accountability partner to track your sobriety.

Its features include:

  • A sobriety clock to help you track your days in sobriety
  • A share function so you can let others see your sobriety clock
  • A messaging system so you can reach out to an accountability partner if you need support

It also provides a distraction feature that can help when you need to shift your thinking. Although NOMO is free, you will have to deal with ads unless you make a donation.

3. SoberTool

SoberTool works more like a personal assistant that helps to keep you on target. This app offers daily inspirational messages and reminders that support your sobriety. You also earn rewards when you hit key milestones.

SoberTool is free to use and works on both iOS and Android platforms.

Treatment for Addiction in Texas

If you are still struggling with addiction, then your first step is to get treatment. San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC) has two treatment locations in the San Antonio region.

SARC's treatment services include:


Detoxification, also called detox, is the first step in treating addiction. It involves getting rid of all the drugs and toxins in your body. Withdrawal can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, so it’s important to detox under medical supervision.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment for addiction is a live-in, long-term treatment option for people struggling with substance abuse. In fact, residential treatment programs provide a safe and structured environment away from the triggers and temptations of everyday life, allowing people to focus on their recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) is a type of treatment that provides structured, short-term care for people who are struggling with addiction. IOP can be an effective treatment for addiction because it provides structure and support while allowing people to maintain some level of independence.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare services are vital for addiction recovery. They provide support and resources for maintaining sobriety and preventing relapse. Aftercare services can include individual therapy, group therapy, 12-step programs, sober living homes, and more.

12-Step Philosophy

The 12-step philosophy is a set of guiding principles for recovery from addiction. These principles are based on the belief that addiction is a disease that can be treated by changing one's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The 12 steps of this philosophy are designed to help individuals achieve sobriety, maintain recovery, and live fulfilling lives.

Begin Your Recovery Today

San Antonio Recovery Center offers an affordable pricing plan so that anyone who needs help can get it and for any addiction, including heroin and alcohol.

SARC provides a full continuum of care that begins with managed detox. From there, you can enter into a residential treatment program or an intensive outpatient plan. The expert staff at SARC works with each client to determine what course of action and care strategy best fits their needs. While in treatment, you will undergo both individual and group therapy to help change behavior patterns that fuel your addiction.

There is also an aftercare service that promotes long-term sobriety and includes 12-step meetings, so you work with people who can help keep you accountable. That is where having one of these apps can really play a role in providing you with an extra layer of support.

Addiction doesn’t have to control you. The combination of treatment and technology will help promote long-term sobriety. For more information,  give us a call at San Antonio Recovery Center. You can reach us at 866.957.7885, or contact us online.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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