San Antonio Recovery Center’s philosophy is based strongly on the 12-step treatment philosophy that has helped millions regain control of their lives. This successful, world-renowned program emphasizes the recognition and identification of addictive behavior patterns. Understanding the 12-step treatment principles gives individuals a firm base from which to begin addiction recovery.

Through individual and group therapies conducted by our clinical staff, we provide the strategies and tactics to correct addictive behavior patterns. Our staff is dedicated to comprehensive, sustainable recovery and creates individualized addiction rehab programs for each patient. From our residential program to comprehensive aftercare, San Antonio Recovery Center’s philosophy includes several pillars of service:

two individuals sitting on a fence - san antonio recovery center's philosophy

Always Available

The first step to getting help is getting in touch. Addiction doesn’t maintain 9-5 office hours, so neither do we. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information, a free assessment, or to schedule a tour, contact San Antonio Recovery Center today at 866-957-7885.


Your privacy is important to us. We know that addiction recovery can be a tough subject to broach. Because of this, we strictly maintain your confidentiality from the time of the initial call through the entire treatment process.


To ensure your safety, comfort, and successful recovery, we are licensed by and in compliance with all Texas Department of State Health Services standards.


We understand that addiction recovery takes a village. With your permission, we communicate with your primary care physician, medical specialists, counselors and agencies in your community. These professionals can help you with your continued recovery once you finish with inpatient addiction treatment.

Involved With Your Family

Few of us get better by ourselves, we need the support and involvement of those close to us. San Antonio Recovery Center provides family education and therapy. This treatment approach will help both you and your family to heal together.