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Are you looking for a Houston cocaine rehab for yourself or someone you love? You have options for treatment, but need one offering the best chance for lasting recovery. Cocaine places a firm hold on people who use it. That hold continues for a long time and makes getting the right help even more important.

Understanding The Lure of Cocaine

As far as using the drug goes, cocaine makes getting high easy. Users inhale or swallow the white powder. In rock form called crack cocaine, people smoke it. However you use it, the drug causes an intense and immediate high. It travels through the bloodstream and into the brain.

In your brain, cocaine changes essential chemicals that regulate pleasure. One such chemical is dopamine. Cocaine increases the amount of dopamine released, giving you a boost of happiness. You experience greater euphoria on cocaine than you can without it. In addition to boosting pleasure, the drug keeps your brain from recycling these chemicals as it typically would. This recycling means the pleasure lasts longer than natural feelings. You enjoy this boost and quickly start missing the euphoric feelings in between drug episodes.

As great as cocaine feels, the drug's changes are unnatural. Your brain adjusts to the changes. But this means you grow immune to the drug's high. You need more and more cocaine just to feel the same effects.

Cocaine's Damage to Your Body

The lure of cocaine causing chemical changes in your brain is brain damage. In addition to this damage, cocaine harms your body. Any tissues that are coming into repeated contact with the drug wither and die. This happens from the tightening and shrinking of your blood vessels.

Which parts of your body suffer damage depends on how you use the drug. For example, snorting cocaine causes damage to nasal and oral tissues. From this inhalation, you risk tumors, lesions and other trauma to your nose, mouth, and palette. Many people need surgery after long-term cocaine use to correct the damage.

Finding The Right Houston Cocaine Rehab

To stop using cocaine, you or your loved one need a proper Houston cocaine rehab. Your journey to recovery starts with therapies, education, and support you need to get a secure grip on sobriety. Cocaine lures you back for a long time after quitting, so you need the right skills to stand firm against these cravings. You learn these skills in your chosen Houston cocaine rehab.

San Antonio Recovery Center provides this Houston drug rehab. Based on a 12-step philosophy, this program teaches you what you need to know to stop abusing cocaine and start living a healthier, more productive life. Even better, treatment is affordable in San Antonio.

To gain recovery that lasts, you need a full spectrum of treatment at a drug rehab in Houston area. At San Antonio Recovery Center, you learn an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Your individualized treatment plan includes a wide range of therapies and other treatment methods. Throughout your rehab, staff and peers support you each step of the way.

Your treatment at San Antonio Recovery Center heals your body, mind, and spirit. At the same time, your family participates in treatment for their healing and stronger, healthier relationships for all of you.

Treatment at San Antonio Recovery Center includes:

For yourself or your loved one, you can find Houston cocaine rehab in San Antonio. San Antonio Recovery Center supports and guides you to wellness after cocaine addiction. Call San Antonio Recovery Center now at 866.957.7885.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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