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Alcohol offers some benefits for people who use it sparingly. However, it can become life-ruining for people who abuse it. If you think that you have an alcohol use disorder, you may have asked, "How can I stop drinking?" Depending on how long you have struggled with this problem, you may have tried to stop drinking in the past and failed.

You can stop drinking. However, you may need to reach out for some extra help to finally find a sober life.

Do I Really Have a Problem with Alcohol?

To stop drinking, you first have to admit that you have a problem with alcohol use. You must examine what your life is like now. In addition, predict how much better things could be if you stopped drinking. In many cases, you may find that you waste time now drinking and taking care of hangovers the next day. What would you do if you could get all those hours back? How much better do you think you would physically feel?

Signs of alcohol use disorder include the following:

  • Drinking too much
  • Blacking out or forgetting things after drinking
  • Experience fever, severe vomiting, or convulsions if you stop drinking
  • Drink despite feeling depressed or physically sick
  • Miss work or have trouble focusing or getting things done at work

These problems indicate a possible alcohol use disorder. In addition, the more of the above you identify with, the more drinking has disrupted your life. If you experience the symptoms from the third bullet, you need alcohol detox. It's time to make a change from problem drinking.

How Can I Stop Drinking?

Asking, "How can I stop drinking?" is a good first step. But it is not the only thing you must do. The first steps toward sobriety include making a plan. Maybe you have tried to quit in the past on your own and failed. You are not a failure for being unable to stop drinking alone. In fact, many people need extra help to stop.

The problem comes from the way alcohol abuse affects your brain's chemistry over time. Because the brain and body get used to drinking, you may have withdrawal effects when you stop. Therefore, you may have uncomfortable physical and mental problems that make stopping on your own difficult.

If you want to stop drinking and find it difficult to do alone, you can get help. In fact, professional programs can help you through the withdrawal phase while giving you mental techniques to use during and after recovery. Moreover, the things that you learn in therapy at a recovery center can make it easier to stop drinking and avoid relapse after.

When you go to an alcohol addiction treatment facility, you may have some of the following forms of therapy:

What If I Can't Stop Drinking on My Own?

It's always good to know when to ask for help. Alcohol use may have control over your emotions and actions now. However, you can make a change by choosing recovery.

If you want to know "How can I stop drinking?" and what professional help, call us at 866.957.7885. During that call, you can talk to one of our counselors at San Antonio Recovery Center to learn what to do about entering our alcohol addiction rehab program. With your work and our resources, we can help you find the sober self that you have inside you. After recovery, you can enjoy a life without the control of alcohol use.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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