Dr. explained to patient what narcotics anonymous is

Narcotics Anonymous is known for its support that is provided to individuals with addiction issues. It has a history that dates back to the mid-1950s when it was officially founded.

There are some potential confusions and myths about Narcotics Anonymous (NA), which may result in some people not having a clear understanding of the organization, its purpose, and what they need to know about it. What you need to know about Narcotics Anonymous is easy to explain, and likely helps individuals understand why some treatment centers, including San Antonio Recovery Center, incorporate the meetings into their programming.

What Is Narcotics Anonymous?

There are several sources, including many people with addiction issues, that consider Narcotics Anonymous a form of treatment for substance use disorders. The organization is a fellowship of individuals for whom drug use became a serious problem. In Narcotics Anonymous, these individuals meet regularly to help each other stay clean and free from the use of all drugs. There are differences between Narcotics Anonymous and more formal forms of treatment, including:

  • Narcotics Anonymous and similar groups offer support but are not treatment programs
  • The support group consists of supportive meetings but does not include treatment professionals
  • Narcotics Anonymous does not require individuals to disclose personal information beyond their first name
  • There is no detox available for individuals in need of the services
  • The group does not provide residential recovery
  • The meetings are led by other individuals in recovery and not trained treatment professionals or medical professionals

There is one keyword that describes the difference between the organization and an addiction treatment program. The word meetings are exactly the premise of the gatherings of members and others, including newcomers, that want the support to help them stop using drugs. Therefore, the organization provides support for individuals with addiction issues and holds meetings to help provide that support. Like Alcoholics Anonymous, it is not a treatment program.

Why Are Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Held at Some Treatment Centers?

This self-help group does have vital uses in an individual’s recovery. Self-help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous can be utilized as a complement to a professional treatment program.

While 12-step programs are not a substitute for treatment, groups such as Narcotics Anonymous do have benefits, such as helping individuals in recovery build networks of support.

Is Narcotics Anonymous Right for Me?

It is important to recognize the fact that support groups, including Narcotics Anonymous, are not a substitute for treatment. Yet, many treatment facilities incorporate Narcotics Anonymous into their programming.

Learning healthy coping skills, how to maintain sobriety, and how to resist temptations and triggers are all critical for staying clean. Individuals that are in recovery receive positive, uplifting support to help them replace destructive thoughts, behaviors, and actions with positive ones.

Individuals learn the steps to help them recover spiritually and emotionally, which is a different aspect than the focus of many treatment programs that often do not include a spiritual component in their treatment programs.

Help for Addiction at San Antonio Recovery Center

Narcotics Anonymous accepts you where you are right now in the recovery process. That is the same approach that the caring professionals at San Antonio Recovery Center take when an individual seeks treatment for their addiction issues.

You can learn how to address the destructive behaviors and actions that have led you down the dangerous road to addiction. You do not have to let addiction control your life any longer. The first step towards your recovery is to contact us right now. Our staff has the expertise to provide the right treatment program for your individual needs and to help you get started in Narcotics Anonymous meetings for added support. Contact us at 866.957.7885, or contact us online right now.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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