woman hugging pillow because she needs trauma therapyTrauma therapy is a field that covers a broad spectrum of therapies designed to help individuals cope with the aftermath of trauma and move on with their lives. Trauma can refer to any experience or event that represents a real or perceived threat to your life, body or sanity. The defining aspect of trauma is being so overwhelmed that you have a total inability to cope with the situation.

Counselors employ trauma therapy to help people put the pieces back together and readjust to a normal life after experiencing trauma. In a quality trauma therapy program, patients will feel at ease starting the process and understand what is expected of them every step of the way. Typical goals in trauma therapy include reclaiming personal power, enhancing daily functioning in life, and avoiding relapse.

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An Examination of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, is one of the most common reactions to highly stressful experiences. Although most people associate PTSD with members of the military returning from service in the war, PTSD exists in a wide variety of forms. Traumatic events such as car crashes, personal tragedies or natural disasters can trigger PTSD.

People with PTSD may find themselves reliving the trauma through disturbing dreams or vivid memories. They may have an unusually heightened awareness of their surroundings that make them feel uncomfortable. Symptoms of PTSD may include:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia
  • Frequent feelings of fear
  • Detachment from friends and family
  • Outbursts of rage

Some individuals might struggle with substance abuse as a result of untreated PTSD. While drugs and alcohol might seem to provide short-term relief, they can also lead to long-term issues with dependency and addiction that can actually exacerbate mental health issues.

A trauma therapy program at an accredited PTSD treatment center can offer help to people struggling with PTSD. Trauma therapy to deal with PTSD can include group counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and a strategy to rebuild self-esteem.

Trauma Therapy Treatments

One of the most effective forms of trauma therapy is cognitive processing therapy, which is typically a 12-week course. In weekly 90-minute sessions, patients write down details of their trauma and speak about them with a counselor. The goal is to process the traumatic event and move on with life mentally.

Prolonged exposure therapy, another trauma therapy program, emphasizes deep breathing techniques and making recordings of yourself speaking about the trauma. It involves up to 15 sessions of 90 minutes each.

A key component of any trauma therapy program is avoiding the abuse of dangerous substances. Drugs or alcohol can hinder recovery efforts.

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