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Once individuals decide that they're committed to realizing their personal dreams and professional objectives, they will oftentimes begin examining their lives to determine if anything is holding them back. In some cases, the issue in question is drug addiction and a mental disorder. Individuals who are no longer willing to let these issues adversely impact their lives need to find the right Texas addiction rehab programs to enroll in. They may also be in need of trauma informed care and dual diagnosis services. Read on to learn more about the need for rehabilitation services and the importance of a trauma informed methodology.

The Need For Drug And Alcohol Rehab

When an individual is addicted to an illicit substance, she or he is physically and psychologically reliant on the drug. Once this dependence sets in, the individual is no longer able to stop using the drug. As abuse of the drug becomes more profound, individuals will almost always experience a wide range of unwanted symptoms. This is why attaining professional treatment services in a safe setting is not only important but imperative. Without treatment, individuals may find that legal issues, financial instability, and ongoing somatic stress preclude them from maintaining healthy self-esteem and operating effectively in the work or school environments.

Some of the services that you should seek out when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in which to recover can include:

  • PTSD treatment
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Dietary therapy
  • Exercise therapy

Could I Benefit from Trauma Informed Care?

Trauma is a form of extreme stress that precludes or impedes the individual's ability to operate effectively in the world while simultaneously coping with negative emotions and psychological complications. Adopting a trauma informed approach to the drug treatment process is important. This is the case because individuals with histories of trauma need to openly acknowledge how the trauma has impacted their thoughts, behaviors, and disposition towards others and the world. Many realities can cause trauma in an individual's life. Some of them include sexual abuse and witnessing the murder of a loved one.

What Is A Trauma Informed Approach?

Although the trauma informed approach can occur in numerous ways, it can be effective to think of it in terms of the following five components:


Safety is about creating and maintaining environments where individuals feel physically, emotionally, and culturally safe. The process also involves developing and responding to one's awareness of whether the individual is uncomfortable or uneasy.

Transparency and Trustworthiness

Transparency and trustworthiness are essential in a trauma informed approach to care. This involves consistently providing clients with accurate information regarding what is currently taking place as well as what is likely to transpire in the near future.


Trauma informed care involves recognizing and responding to the individual's need to select an approach that will restore their dignity.

Collaboration and Mutuality

This aspect of the recovery process is about understanding that healing takes place in partnerships and relationships where the decision-making process is a shared one.


This process is about recognizing an individual's strengths and then providing them with resources. These will allow them to continue to build on them.

Obtain Trauma Informed Care Now

If you're serious about transforming your life, now is the time to make change happen. The professionals of San Antonio Recovery Center can provide you with the trauma informed care necessary to optimize treatment, so contact them now at 866-957-7885.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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