signs of high-functioning alcoholism

Diagnosing an alcohol use disorder requires taking into consideration any symptoms that may be present. However, not everyone dealing with alcohol addiction presents obvious symptoms. There are those with what is often called “high functioning alcoholism.” These people may appear able to maintain daily routines and take care of themselves while still consuming excessive amounts of alcohol behind the scenes.

Anyone dealing with an addiction to alcohol may feel shame and guilt over their drinking habits. It’s normal to feel this way, but don’t forget that there are many people who care about your recovery and well-being. If you or a loved one is having difficulty with alcohol addiction symptoms, an alcohol counseling program can help. At San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas, you will find a talented and passionate team that’s got your back. Our addiction specialists are ready to take your call at 866.957.7885, or you can contact us online today.

Signs of High-Functioning Alcoholism

Stereotypical symptoms of alcohol addiction may include violent or aggressive behaviors, erratic moods, and deterioration of relationships. However, it is not always obvious when a person has become addicted to alcohol. An individual’s circumstances, personality, and physiology can all play a part in what symptoms they experience.

Those with “high functioning” cases of alcohol addiction can present with a range of symptoms, including:

  • Ignoring or avoiding insights about how much they are drinking
  • Denial of having a problem, particularly when admitting to having a problem may cost a job or completion of school work
  • May still be able to maintain physical appearance and hygiene
  • Drinking higher volumes of alcohol without getting intoxicated
  • Determination to finish all drinks, even others’ drinks
  • Maintaining a reputation for still doing well at work or school, despite excessive alcohol consumption
  • Drinking in potentially dangerous situations and drinking multiple times a day, such as at breakfast and lunch
  • Keeping up with family and home obligations despite excessive drinking

The most crucial step in recovery is the first one – reaching out for help. Those who are trying to “hold it together” for loved ones may be unaware of the effects their addiction is having. Learn more about alcohol addiction, substance use disorders, and mental health today. Call San Antonio Recovery Center at 866.957.7885 today to reach our warm and friendly team of experts, or send us a message online.

Alcohol Addiction Programs at San Antonio Recovery Center

At San Antonio Recovery Center, our programs are client-centered and targeted at all levels of care. We offer a range of support for those in need of recovery, including both evidence-based and holistic therapies.
Our addiction specialists work together with mental health experts to give each individual a well-rounded and comprehensive program. Clients at San Antonio Recovery Center can benefit from the following services:

  • 12-step programs to offer a strong sense of accountability and structure
  • Group therapy, where clients can discuss strategies and motivate one another to achieve and maintain sobriety
  • Family therapy, which allows clients and family members to connect over the topic of addiction, learn together, and support one another
  • Mental health therapies, including EMDR, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and trauma therapy
  • Holistic therapies, including yoga therapy, recreational therapy, and nutritional therapy
  • Intensive outpatient programs and 90-day programs to provide flexibility in scheduling and lifestyle

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we understand that each individual is so much more than their substance use. We aim to help clients uncover what they love about themselves and their lives to find a more fulfilling path. Find out more about San Antonio Recovery Center today.

From "High Functioning" to High on Life

Open the door to healing and recovery today–all it takes is reaching out to San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas. Our clients come from all backgrounds and walks of life, and we provide an inclusive and safe space for recovery. Learn new skills and tools to help you cope and stay away from addiction for the rest of your life. Call San Antonio Recovery Center at 866.957.7885, or message us online today.

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