woman talking with her therapist about drug addiction counseling techniques

Drug Addiction Counseling Techniques

Therapists are rehab facilities have a predicament. Clients from all occupations and backgrounds enroll in treatment to recover from chemical dependency. Therefore, it’s impossible to rely on only one set of counseling techniques. That’s why good-quality facilities will customize a care protocol for you; here’s how this might look. Treatment Begins with an Assessment Before…


Is There a Link Between Trauma and Substance Abuse?

Trauma affects a person well after the actual event is over. Frequently, it causes hidden scars. For some, there’s a connection between trauma and substance abuse. If this describes your situation, rehab with dual diagnosis treatment offers hope. Understand the Trauma Response Sometimes, it’s easy to define trauma. Surviving rape, domestic violence, violent crimes, or…

man struggling with both PTSD and substance abuse

Understanding the Link Between PTSD and Substance Abuse

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious condition that occurs following a horrifying event. Surely, anything that terrifies you might lead to lasting PTSD. In particular, PTSD often stems from war, natural disasters, physical abuse, rape, and car accidents. Afterward, people struggle with the memories and fears of the horror each day. Unfortunately, it’s common for…