woman stressed wondering how does alcohol affect the brain

How Does Alcohol Affect The Brain?

Men and women of all ages use alcohol. Because the heavy consumption of alcohol is so prevalent, it may be difficult to identify an addiction. Additionally, many people develop an addiction because of their genetics. Although you might think alcohol is only causing life struggle, it also affects you cognitively. Therefore, if you’re concerned about…

woman wincing due to methadone effects on the body

Methadone Effects on the Body

In Texas, heroin and methamphetamine abuse are extremely common. Specifically, it’s incredibly difficult to overcome heroin addiction. Often, physicians use Methadone to address the physical aspects of heroin addiction. Understanding Methadone effects on the body helps you make the right decision about taking it while recovering. Short Term Methadone Effects on the Body For many…

people laying down in a circle holding hands at addiction treatment centers

How Addiction Treatment Centers Work

A quality rehab facility is the difference between overcoming a substance abuse problem and remaining in a vicious cycle. However, how do addiction treatment centers accomplish this feat? More importantly, how do the professionals at these venues achieve lasting results? Above all, the key element is customization. How Addiction Treatment Centers Use Customized Plans to…