group finding out what are AA meetings like

What are AA Meetings Like?

Are you wondering, “what are AA meetings like?” as you begin your recovery from alcohol addiction? The truth is, your experience may be very different from someone else’s. Although AA follows the 12-step philosophy, your particular experience depends on the people who attend meetings with you. About Alcoholics Anonymous Known as AA, Alcoholics Anonymous is…

woman struggling with codependency and addiction

Understanding the Relationship Between Codependency and Addiction

Overcoming addiction to alcohol, heroin or other drugs is an epic struggle in itself. When codependency and addiction are combined, successful recovery is even more difficult to achieve. That’s why it is essential to understand codependency and its relationship to substance abuse. The Mechanics of Codependency and Addiction Codependency is a relationship pattern that requires…

student after binge drinking in college

How Dangerous is Binge Drinking in College?

For many young people, going to college can be a liberating experience that offers the first taste of adulthood. With it comes new friends, alternative ideas and, for many, drinking and recreational drug use. While partying in moderation is a rite of passage that most people move beyond relatively unscathed, binge drinking in college can…

woman in need of the coping skills for relapse prevention she needs

What Are Common Coping Skills for Relapse Prevention?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a disease that spreads its deadly tentacles into every aspect of your life. Nothing is immune, including your job, relationships, coping skills, finances and even your physical and mental health. Because addiction is so destructive and pervasive, recovery is an incredibly time-intensive, exhausting and challenging process. Therefore, it is…

two woman participating in drug counseling in San Antonio TX

The Importance of Drug Counseling

Putting an end to prescription or illegal drug abuse is a crucial achievement for your overall well-being. However, stopping use and getting through withdrawal is only the first step. You need rehab with drug counseling in San Antonio TX to maintain your sobriety. Why, though, is therapy so important for addiction treatment? About Addiction Therapy…