doctor taking notes of the most abused prescription drugs

Most Abused Prescription Drugs

Doctors write prescriptions in hopes of healing whatever ails us. However, that prescription can turn dangerous if taken differently than doctors intended. Presently, the NIDA reports that 18 million Americans misuse medicine each year. Ultimately, patients may get hooked on the drug’s strong ingredients. Next, patients get trapped into needing bigger and more frequent doses.…

young adult about to experience marijuana withdrawal symptoms

Can You Experience Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms?

Presently, marijuana use is legal in ten states. As a result, people mistakenly believe smoking or vaporizing marijuana comes without risk. However, marijuana can be addictive like any other drug. In fact, long-term users often experience marijuana withdrawal when they try quitting. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 11 million young adults smoke…

young woman wondering how she is going to begin explaining depression to my mother

Explaining Depression to My Mother

While many forms of the disease can adversely impact an individual’s life, depression can be one of the most difficult illnesses to address and overcome. However, individuals who are serious about leading positive, productive lives should know that openly and honestly addressing the issue is the first step to recovery. When I began explaining depression…