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Drug and alcohol addiction takes a long time to happen. As such, treatment for it also takes time. For some people, a 90-day treatment program is an ideal choice. It provides an opportunity to embrace therapy in a safe, drug-free environment where they can learn, achieve, and heal at their own pace. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer this type of treatment within our program.

What Is a 90-Day Treatment Program?

For some people, a 30- or 60-day treatment program is not enough. It may not provide enough time to recover and work towards establishing a new way forward after addiction. A 90-day program is simply another level of support. It affords a person the ability to achieve more during treatment and gives the body and brain more time to heal.

What Can a Person Accomplish During a 90 Day Treatment?

During the initial assessment, you and your therapist will talk about goals for treatment. What is it that you want and need to achieve to recover? You will then set milestones for these achievements. It can be hard to know how long it may take to reach these goals, but writing them down and knowing what they are can help move you in the right direction.

The goal is to work through several steps to achieve a range of milestones. Your 90-day treatment may involve activities such as:

  • Coming to terms with the presence of an alcohol or drug problem and being committed and willing to change that
  • Utilizing a range of treatment options to determine which therapy may be right for your situation
  • Working with your family and friends to develop a reliable and robust support system
  • Maintaining sobriety throughout treatment, which means learning about and managing triggers, cravings, and the response you have to them
  • Beginning the process of building a new life through volunteerism, socialization, hobbies, and life goal development
  • Engaging in relapse prevention and aftercare support to ensure the best chance at recovery without relapse

During your initial treatment, care focuses on ridding yourself of the dependence present. A detox program may allow for this. Once you enter residential care, the goal is to heal the brain through psychotherapy and other therapeutic options. In each of these therapies, you’ll set your own goals. Those goals, or milestones, are achieved one step at a time. Each one is an exceptional accomplishment that you should be proud to be a part of during treatment.

What Therapeutic Options Are Available?

During therapy, you’ll set milestones with your counselor for specific, measurable goals. These can relate to emotional health but also tend to include changes to physical health and relationships. We offer a range of therapy programs that can assist in that process. Some of those therapies include:

Is a 90-day program in San Antonio right for you? If you face the need for addiction treatment, you may be unsure what type or length of care you need. You do not have to make that decision just yet. However, be open to treatment that allows you to reach a level of stability and provides the tools you need to ensure long-term recovery and confidence.

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Drug addiction treatment can create new opportunities for you. Don’t let your addiction control your future. Instead, enroll in a 90-day treatment program designed to support your health and wellbeing. Let our team at San Antonio Recovery Center offer help. Learn more by connecting with us online or calling 866.957.7885 to speak to our compassionate counselors.

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