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Anxiety is a problem that affects millions of people every day. Unfortunately, many people fall into substance abuse as a way of managing this problematic health issue. As a result, you must fully understand anxiety and addiction. Doing so can help you better grasp the impact of these problems. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we provide comprehensive anxiety treatment at our anxiety treatment center. Our addiction treatment staff will evaluate you to determine the best treatment programs, to overcome your anxiety disorder.

If you're battling anxiety and addiction, our treatment center can help. At our dual diagnosis treatment center, we give you the tools to combat both conditions. If you're ready to take control over your life again, please contact San Antonio Recovery Center today at 866.957.7885.

Why Anxiety Causes Addiction

Anxiety causes unbearable stress in many people's lives. For example, those with a generalized anxiety disorder may have no reason to feel fear. However, they are overpowered by a sense of dread at all times. Others experience high anxiety due to difficult jobs or stressful home situations. Unfortunately, these problems may trigger substance abuse in many different people.

For example, alcohol decreases mental activity and seems to eliminate anxiety. However, it will ultimately only worsen these symptoms later. And more extreme depressants, like heroin, cause similar seemingly-soothing effects. Therefore, people may feel compelled to abuse these substances. But anxiety and addiction typically only get worse with time.

How This Cycle Worsens

When a person becomes reliant on a drug for anxiety relief, they have developed a psychological addiction. This problem can occur even in substances with no physical addiction potential. For example, marijuana may temporarily relieve some anxiety symptoms. As a result, many heavy smokers may come to rely on it to seemingly manage their issues.

The problem here is that drug abuse does not honestly treat anxiety. All it does is temporarily dull the symptoms. As a result, the core issues that trigger this problem remain. And as a person becomes sensitized to drugs, they may need higher doses to calm down. Therefore, drug abuse can become a rapidly increasing problem. Thankfully, treatment can help manage anxiety and addiction together.

Anxiety Treatment Programs

If you have anxiety and addiction, you need to get high-quality professional help. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we provide dual diagnosis treatment that treats both your addiction symptoms and the underlying mental health conditions fueling your addiction, to promote lasting recovery from addiction and anxiety. Addiction treatment programs and therapies provided by San Antonio Recovery Center used to treat anxiety include:

Rehab aftercare is particularly important. Often, relapses are inevitable without proper aftercare. For example, you can reach out to outpatient counselors when you feel the need to use drugs. These specialists can then talk you down from your anxiety and eliminate your relapse risk. In this way, you can stay sober for life. Remember: the compulsion to use can strike at any time. And if anxiety triggers your addiction, you may need occasional help for years to come.

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If you need help with anxiety and addiction, please call 866.957.7885 today. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we utilize affordable 12-step care. Treatments focus on a comprehensive care modality. You will get a full spectrum of treatments to manage your substance abuse fully. In our caring and comfortable facility, you will make friends and build bonds to enhance your sobriety. Regain control of your life today!

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