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San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC) provides a 90-day addiction treatment program to patients because it offers them the best chance at long term recovery. Many facilities offer shorter programs like 30 or 60 days, but we believe that recovery is a life-long process, so taking at least 90 days to develop the skills to help you with sobriety makes the most sense.

What Happens During a 90-Day Treatment Program?

At San Antonio Recovery Center, our 90-day treatment program consists of six clear steps:

  • It gives you time to realize you have a drug or alcohol addiction and a desire to make changes in your life associated with it
  • It allows us to work with you to determine what therapies and approaches to treatment will work best for you
  • It helps your family and friends to understand their role in supporting your journey
  • This type of program helps you develop skills for maintaining sobriety, including how to control cravings and avoid triggers
  • You'll learn skills and strategies for relapse prevention

At SARC, we follow a 12-step philosophy for our 90-day treatment programs.

What Is The 12-Step Philosophy?

If you mention a 12-steps program, many people will think immediately of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is the most famous 12-step plan, but it is not the only one. At SARC, we offer a variety of 12-step programs, so we have one to fit all the needs of our patients.

Using the 12 steps is an effective and affordable way to help you understand the consequences of your addiction and to develop the skills to manage recovery. The 12-step approach walks you through finding and offering support, repairing damaged relationships, regaining a sense of self-worth, and working to perform a self-inventory.

The 12 steps focus on a spiritual awakening as the foundation of recovery. It is not necessary that you subscribe to any religious belief system; rather, it is about finding peace and understanding in your life through recognizing a higher power. The 12 steps are designed to be worked in order and with others who are also following the program, whether in a 12-step group or one-on-one support.

What Is The Difference Between Residential and Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

The 90-day treatment programs at SARC involve either residential care or intensive outpatient treatment. Residential care means you live in our supervised environment while you undergo treatment. During this time, the medical team and staff work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that will help you with your recovery. At the same time, residential care separates you from the daily stressors that might impact your recovery while you work toward sobriety.

Intensive outpatient treatment is similar, but with one big exception—you live at home with friends or family. It is an affordable solution for many who need more flexibility. During intensive outpatient treatment, you travel to schedule individual and group therapy sessions. You may also go to local 12-step meetings as part of your treatment.

With intensive outpatient treatment, you are still under the supervision of SARC’s medical team and staff. They will monitor your progress to ensure that your recovery is going in the right direction. Whether you go into residential or intensive outpatient care, we will be with you every step of the way.

What Else Can You Expect From a 90-Day Plan?

SARC offers a full spectrum treatment program. After you complete your primary treatment, residential or intensive outpatient, you continue to support your recovery with other SARC services such as:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous meetings
  • Narcotics Anonymous meetings
  • Aftercare

This combination helps your transition back into your life while staying sober. The SARC aftercare program assists you in developing your coping skill and builds a sober foundation for the rest of your life. Aftercare begins immediately after you complete your 90-day treatment program.

During this time, you can also work with others as they move toward their recovery. That might mean volunteering at meetings or within your community. There are also alumni gatherings that put in touch with others who have graduated from our program.

There are many shorter treatment programs out there. Still, the general consensus in this industry is that it takes 90 days of intense treatment to really build the necessary infrastructure to enjoy a lifetime of sobriety. By choosing a SARC 90-day treatment program, we can support you while you make that journey.

It's Time to Take The First Step Toward Recovery

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Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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