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If you have a friend or loved one who uses drugs or alcohol to excess, you may have a concern about the possibility of an overdose. Drug and alcohol overdose can be fatal if not attended to quickly. It's vital that you know the symptoms of an overdose to look out for. If your loved one is struggling with addiction, San Antonio Recovery Center offers a drug detox program to rid yourself of drugs while safely managing your drug overdose symptoms. We offer treatment for many different substance abuse issues, including heroin and alcohol. Let's take a look at the most common drug overdose symptoms that you'll need to watch for.

If you or someone you love is battling an addiction, finding a drug rehab center is critical. Doing so can save a life, especially if you do so before experiencing drug overdose symptoms. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we want to give you the care and support you need to overcome addiction. For more information about your addiction treatment options, please get in touch with our treatment center today by calling us at 866.957.7885.

Drug Overdose Symptoms

When a loved one uses drugs or alcohol to excess, it can be hard to know whether they've overdosed. If an overdose has occurred, you must act quickly because doing so may save their life. Not everyone will experience an overdose in the same way. Some people may only show one or two drug overdose symptoms, while others show more. In addition, the type of drug you're using can impact what symptoms you see. Possible drug overdose symptoms include:

  • Lack of consciousness, even upon attempts to wake the person
  • Change in skin color (lighter-skinned people may have a bluish hue to the skin, darker-skinned people may have an ashy or gray tint to the skin)
  • Rapid, slow, erratic, or nonexistent rate of respiration and pulse
  • Severe increase or decrease in body temperature

If you think that your loved one has overdosed, you must get them help right away.

My Friend Overdosed. What Do I Do Now?

Often times, those addicted to drugs will use together in small groups of two or three. In this way, they can watch each other for signs of overdose. It's essentially a buddy system to ensure no one nods off and dies. With the growing availability of Narcan, which attaches to opioid receptors and blocks or reverses the effects of opioids, many people have been saved that would have previously perished. If your friend is showing drug overdose symptoms, you need to act fast. Call 911 right away. If your friend has overdosed on opiates, call 911 or administer Narcan, whichever is faster. If you administer Narcan first, call 911 immediately after you administer the first dose and follow the instructions of the 911 operator.

Many states have Good Samaritan laws that will protect you from arrest, even if you took part in using drugs with your friend who overdosed. Don't let the fear of getting in trouble stop you from saving your friend's life. Hopefully, it will not take a near-death experience to drive you to professional help at a drug rehab center. No one should have to watch a friend die when help is readily available.

Treatment for Drug Overdose Symptoms

After your friend has recovered from their overdose, talk to them about what happened and tell them that you're concerned for their safety. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we can help your loved one or friend get the help they need. We offer many types of substance abuse treatment, including:

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