Over-the-counter drug abuse.

Over the counter medications are some of the most commonly used substances today. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that even some medications available over the counter in your local pharmacy can be highly addictive when used over a period of time. Learn more about how to avoid over-the-counter drug abuse and reach out to a treatment center if you are struggling with drug abuse or addiction.

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Understanding Over-The-Counter Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is not limited to using prescription drugs in ways other than as prescribed or using illicit drugs. Drug addiction to over the counter substances can begin in a very innocent fashion. For many people, it can start simply by using over-the-counter medications to address a legitimate health concern. Cough and cold medicine, for example, has a potential for abuse. Using these medications in doses beyond the recommended daily dose can cause users to feel a high, but it can also be dangerous. No matter how a problem with over-the-counter drug abuse starts, it's important to know how to recognize the issue promptly.

Signs of Drug Abuse

Over the counter, drug abuse can come with many different clues to let you know a serious problem is present. For example, the signs in the list below can let you know it is time to seek professional help:

1. Preoccupation with Medication

Those suffering from an addiction to over the counter substances may show a preoccupation with the drug. They may purchase large amounts of it from different pharmacies to ensure they don't run out, for example. When they are not actively taking the substance, they may be recovering from the side effects of previous times they used it.

2. Financial Troubles

Spending a great deal of money on over-the-counter substances could create issues with finances. For example, a person may find that they do not have enough money to pay important bills or purchase food. Additionally, they might have trouble completing responsibilities at work due to drug use.

3. Changes in Mood

Many over-the-counter medications can also have strong effects on different areas of the brain. This can ultimately lead to personality and mood changes. Over time, serious fluctuations in mood can wreak havoc on personal and professional relationships.

4. Physical Changes

Of course, a person's physical appearance can also change if they become addicted to over-the-counter drugs. For example, they may have a poor appetite that results in weight loss. Alternatively, some people also have trouble maintaining good personal hygiene when they are struggling with addiction.

5. Secrecy

People who abuse drugs often try to keep their use a secret. This may involve hiding medications or lying about how much they are taking. Additionally, they may try to keep their use a secret from friends and family members. If you notice that someone is being secretive about their over-the-counter drug use, it may be a sign of a problem.

Effective Treatment for Addiction

While over-the-counter drug addiction can be serious, a professional treatment program can help those who are struggling with substance abuse maintain recovery long-term. Variations of counseling, behavioral therapies, community support, and family interventions can come together to offer a well-rounded rehab program.

Finding a professional Texas addiction rehab program can offer you peace of mind. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we proudly provide access to a high-quality 12-step program to provide effective relief from addiction issues. Combined with the outstanding quality of care given in a serene environment, each person seeking treatment here can get their needs met properly. Individualized treatment plans help our clients heal.

This is not a “one size fits all” kind of problem. Each person who suffers from addiction will have their own set of issues that need to be addressed in order for treatment to be successful. That’s why our team of addiction counselors works with each individual to come up with a treatment plan that will work for them.

You don’t have to suffer from addiction any longer. Our goal is to help you rediscover sobriety and live a life that’s free from the chains of addiction.

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