Community support is one of the most important tools for addiction recovery. Unfortunately, during rehab, it can be hard to establish safe, sober communities. Some may struggle to connect with loved ones. Others may finish detox to find it hard to socialize with old friends sober. Building a sober community is one of the first steps towards long-term addiction recovery. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we provide a network of care through our alumni addiction program in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. 

people in addiction alumni programIf you or someone in your life is ready for addiction recovery treatment in Southern Texas, call San Antonio Recovery Center today. Learn more about the benefits of our robust alumni program at 866.957.7885. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and begin same-day enrollment now. 

What Is an Alumni Program?

Similar to school alumni groups, an addiction alumni program brings people from one addiction recovery program together for continued care. After people complete initial detox and rehab, they can join the alumni program to connect with others. This allows people to sponsor new people in their program as well as provide ongoing support for others in their community.

Alumni programs vary in size and scope. However, they all focus on bringing people together through their shared experiences in addiction recovery. 

How Can An Alumni Program Help Me?

Addiction recovery can be lonely. Fortunately, alumni programs can help people stay connected and make new friendships with people who understand addiction firsthand. Alumni programs are a great way to stay sober and give back to the community. Whether you’re just entering or just finishing a program, the alumni program at San Antonio Recovery Center can help you build a community and stay sober. Some benefits of our alumni program include:

  • Sober alumni events
  • Built-in sober network
  • A local community focused on sobriety
  • Opportunities to sponsor others
  • Ongoing support throughout recovery
  • Lasting friendships

Alumni programs acknowledge how far people have come in recovery and help them on the road ahead. Therefore, joining an alumni program is a great way to support one another and feel supported through every stage of recovery. Whether you’re starting a new job, moving, or dealing with sudden stress, alumni at San Antonio Recovery Center are here to help.

Many people in alumni programs enjoy the opportunity to connect with others outside of formal group therapy sessions. They also love the opportunity to help others in addiction recovery through alumni events and sponsorship. Finally, alumni programs provide flexibility and a level of community care that inspires everyone to be their best sober self. 

Find the Addiction Alumni Program For You in San Antonio, Texas

Joining an alumni program can be a deeply rewarding experience. At San Antonio Recovery, we know the importance of community. That’s why our addiction recovery programs provide our community with a robust alumni program.

With a holistic approach to addiction recovery, our continuum of care provides a combination of evidence-based and alternative therapies to help you and your loved ones thrive during each stage of recovery. Our therapies include:

  • EMDR
  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • 12-step programs
  • Alumni program
  • Medication management
  • Relapse prevention programs

With men’s detox programs, women’s recovery programs, and same-day treatment, we believe that addiction recovery should be accessible for everyone in our community. Our clinic has two detox centers here in San Antonio with flexible IPO, PHP, and residential treatment programs to fit your needs and schedule. 

Learn More About Alumni Addiction Programs Today at San Antonio Recovery Center

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