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When it comes to finding lasting recovery with a rehab center that works, money should never stop you. Those searching for a facility should know that many public and private insurance companies will help cover some of these expenses. Now that addiction is a recognized medical disease, insurance companies are more willing to help with the price. Don’t be nervous to take your first step and learn about insurance verification.

San Antonio Recovery Center understands that the cost of rehabilitation can make the task of seeking treatment daunting. We are ready to work with our patients so that those who require treatment can find it.  We are now in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Magellan insurances to help our clients find the support they need. There are also options for those with public, private, and group health insurance programs. If you have questions regarding your insurance plan or company, call your provider to discuss your options. Speaking with someone from your insurance company can help in the insurance verification process. 

You deserve to find recovery, so begin the insurance verification process today.  Use our form to learn about your insurance coverage and how San Antonio Recovery Center can help you find the healing that lasts. You can also call today at 866-957-7885 to speak with someone directly about your insurance options. Making the first step towards the long road to recovery is a brave one. Don’t let money keep you from living your best life that is free from addiction.


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