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A quality rehab facility is the difference between overcoming a substance abuse problem and remaining in a vicious cycle. However, how do addiction treatment centers accomplish this feat? More importantly, how do the professionals at these venues achieve lasting results? Above all, the key element is customization.

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How Addiction Treatment Centers Use Customized Plans to Meet Your Needs

Those struggling with a substance abuse problem have different needs. Everyone has their own unique history. Therefore, the reasons why you started using differ from why someone else chose the same path. Overall, the only way to help program participants overcome addiction is by meeting them on common ground.

Substance abuse treatment centers use a variety of methods to get people sober and help them stay that way. But the core principle is always the same: create a customized plan for each person who comes through the door, based on their individual needs.

Treating addiction is never one-size-fits-all. It’s important to tailor the approach to meet the needs of the individual. That way, you can better address the underlying causes of addiction and help the person develop healthy coping mechanisms.

To begin with, an intake interview is the best method. The counselor will start to understand you as a unique person. Together, you’ll work on setting goals for your recovery. A customized treatment plan offers a number of advantages. First, it’s more likely to be effective. When people feel like their care is tailored specifically for them, they’re more engaged in the process. They’re also more likely to stick with the program and see it through to the end.

Second, a customized treatment plan builds trust between the patient and the care team. The patient feels like they’re being heard and that their needs are being taken into account. This trust is essential for the healing process.

Detox at Addiction Treatment Centers

Over the course of an addiction, chemicals from the consumed substance cause the brain and body to adapt. At first, the body is unused to the presence of a substance, allowing for quick and potent highs. Over time, however, the body adjusts, and it takes more of a substance used more often to achieve the same high. As the body builds tolerance, the brain drives cravings, which in turn fuels the vicious cycle of addiction.

When a physical dependency is unfulfilled, the affected person undergoes withdrawal. Withdrawal is particularly severe for heavy users, and for users of alcohol, heroin, and benzos. This severity is dangerous not only to a person's health, but also to their recovery. If a person undergoes withdrawal but has access to their substance of choice, the urge to relapse will be very strong. Withdrawal is the first, and perhaps the most difficult, roadblock to your recovery.

Since withdrawal is so severe, doctors strongly recommend against going through withdrawal alone, aka "cold turkey." Instead, doctors recommend that patients seek detox treatment. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer detox programs for alcohol and heroin, for both men and women.

Detox starts with withdrawal, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. The benefit of detox is that it takes place in a secure, medically monitored environment. Some withdrawal symptoms, like seizures or delirium tremens (for alcoholics), can be fatal if left untreated. Medical professionals monitor detox patients 24/7 to keep them comfortable and safe as their body purges the addictive substance.

A Full Spectrum of Care Provides Whole Person Treatment

Above all, the best treatment facilities offer a variety of modalities. Not every participant responds well to every treatment facet. By providing the proper combination, therapists work with clients to help them find a program that works. Examples include:

  • Structured schedules boost client outcomes through engaging and evidence-based activities
  • The 12-Step methodology provides continued treatment that ensures lifelong sobriety
  • Talk therapy offers various approaches to individualized treatment
  • Group therapy builds self-esteem and provides peer support
  • Family therapy that involves and educates loved ones
  • Meditation and nutritional counseling contribute to a therapeutic environment

Additionally, recovery from alcohol, heroin, or other drugs is quite affordable. Overall, plenty of insurance plans cover the treatment.

Treatment Frameworks for Quality Care

Most addiction treatment centers offer residential and intensive outpatient rehab as their core programs. However, individuals living at the facility have a much higher rate of recovery. A typical stay may span 30, 60, or 90 days. In fact, a 90-day treatment program offers a careful, comprehensive opportunity for healing.

Aftercare is another integral part of the recovery process. It involves relapse prevention techniques that help you remain sober once you return home. At the San Antonio Recovery Center, aftercare begins on your first day. Above all, therapists recognize the importance of planning and help program participants get their lives back on track.

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