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Today, advances in addiction treatment and recovery provide countless treatment options. Sometimes, this can make choosing addiction treatment programs overwhelming. Luckily, many programs now combine various behavioral therapies with alternative therapies for holistic addiction recovery. By combining traditional evidence-based therapies with other modalities, therapists tailor treatment to an individual's needs. Currently, EMDR is an increasingly popular and successful type of therapy for addiction treatment. EMDR is a simple yet powerful tool for anyone in addiction recovery.

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What Is EMDR?

EMDR is a type of therapy that helps people process trauma through eye movements. Also known as "eye movement desensitization and reprocessing," EMDR helps shift traumatic events, process experiences, and release addiction triggers. During REM sleep, the body undergoes rapid eye movement. While studies are still being done to understand rapid eye movement, scientists and therapists now understand a correlation between traumatic memory and eye movement. By changing a person's visual experience, EMDR can rewire the brain.

How Does EMDR for Addiction Treatment Work?

Studies show that addiction is often connected to past trauma. Whether someone is a veteran, has lived through sexual abuse, or natural disaster, trauma is common. Advances in trauma studies show that when a person experiences trauma, their body either processes chemicals like adrenaline at the moment or stores them. When these chemicals are stored, it's as if the traumatic event never completes itself. This can lead to PTSD, traumatic memory, and, for many, addiction. Substance abuse is a common tool for self-soothing traumatic memories and PTSD. EMDR is a safe and effective way to process and release traumatic memories.

EMDR takes place over eight sessions. A trained EMDR therapist works with clients to recall traumatic memories during these sessions. The therapist provides different images and visual stimulation as clients recall these memories. This can dampen or release traumatic responses. Over time, this can reduce traumatic episodes, drug cravings, and addiction triggers. Sometimes therapists will guide a client's eye moments with a pen. Other times they will use high-end machines designed for EMDR.

Benefits of EMDR for Addiction Treatment

EMDR is a safe and effective way to help clients process trauma. Benefits of EMDR in addiction recovery, include:

  • Medication free therapy
  • Set number of sessions
  • Safe trauma processing
  • Individualized treatment
  • Stress reduction techniques

Through EMDR therapy, clients learn stress reduction techniques and understand the relationship between past trauma and addiction. In only a few sessions, clients experiment with a shift in cravings, mindset, anxiety, and stress management.

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At San Antonio Recovery Center, we believe in holistic addiction recovery. Our continuum of care provides a range of holistic and evidence-based therapies for comprehensive addiction treatment. Our therapy programs include:

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With two detox centers, San Antonio Recovery Center clients can begin treatment immediately. We have men's and women's detox programs that offer continuous care. Whether you and your loved ones are just beginning recovery or need aftercare support, we can help you thrive. With IPO, PHP, and residential treatment programs, SARC is ready to help meet your flexible schedules with comprehensive addiction treatment.

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