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Going into rehab for a substance abuse problem is never easy, but you can improve your chances in several ways. If you have options for treatment centers, find one that will offer customized treatment based on your needs. By finding this type of facility, you can start benefiting from individualized care as soon as you arrive at the addiction recovery center.

How Recovery Centers Can Offer Individualized Care

Many recovery professionals recognize that not everyone has the same story to tell about their substance abuse. The variety of reasons people started using and why they continued equal the number of individuals in treatment. Each person has a unique story about what led them to treatment. For that reason, care will also need to work with the individual's needs. Recovery centers offer multiple ways to meet the needs of those in the programs.

Pharmacological Care for Severe Opioid Addictions

Care for those healing from addictions to certain drugs will require extra steps. For example, those dealing with recovery from severe opioid addiction may require pharmacological care in addition to counseling and other options. For these drugs, quitting too soon from a high level of use could be life-threatening. The patient may require medical help by taking drugs that decrease the withdrawal effects. Such a program must have doctors or nurses on hand to administer the drugs. These medical professionals will also monitor the patient for signs of improvement. They will also signal when to taper off the medication-based care.

Personalized Treatment for Sufferers of Mental Illness

Another instance of how you can start benefiting from individualized care is through a dual diagnosis treatment program. This program helps people overcome addiction and mental illness.

Because some people with addictions also have mental health issues, getting over substance use is not enough. Depression and anxiety sometimes occur with many drug and alcohol dependency problems. If you have an addiction, you may require screening for secondary mental illnesses. If the staff feel that you could benefit from treating both conditions at once, you may enroll in a dual diagnosis treatment program.

Alternative Therapies for a Holistic Approach

Not everyone can recover from following only regular counseling programs. For example, if you feel that benefiting from individualized care for your problem includes alternative options, you may need holistic care. Discuss your concerns with the treatment facility. Holistic treatment therapies help your body, mind, and spirit during the recovery process. Some of the options under this category include the following:

Benefiting from Individualized Care for Mental Health

Addictions have physical and mental health effects. Once you have dealt with withdrawal, you will start to work on improving your mental condition. Therapy will help you to fight the urges to use drugs or alcohol. Several forms of behavioral therapy exist. By providing a range of therapy options, recovery centers can give you a personalized plan. In other words, the center should give you a plan based on what works best for you. Some mental health programs that you may undergo include the following:

Benefiting from Individualized Care Starts With a Phone Call

Addiction makes you feel terrible physically, harms relationships, and can land you in jail. But, you cannot stop substance abuse on your own. Nor can you end the results that can ruin your life without help.

Quitting cold turkey can cause severe problems in your body and mind. Luckily, you are not alone in recovery. You can start your road to a better life without drugs or alcohol by contacting us at San Antonio Recovery Center by calling 866.957.7885. We want to partner with you in your journey to a life free from drug or alcohol use by undergoing treatment through our rehab facility.

Now is the time to focus on your recovery.


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