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Cocaine is a dangerous stimulant drug that comes from the coca plant. Frequently, it's called coke, blow, flake, or snow on the street. After all, it's a snowy-white powder. Yet, some also make the mistake of calling cocaine "crack." In reality, crack is a different, more potent form of cocaine. The differences in crack vs. cocaine are easily recognizable. Specifically, crack comes in solid rocks that are whitish cream or tan in color.

By and large, crack comes from mixing cocaine and baking soda. Generally, it's heated and smoked, whereas individuals snort cocaine up the nose. Despite the crack vs. cocaine differences, both are highly addictive. At this instant, both substances are wreaking havoc in America. If you or a loved one are struggling with a crack cocaine addiction, a professional crack cocaine rehab center offers the best chance of success.

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How Crack Is Different From Cocaine

First, crack causes a much faster rush of euphoria than cocaine. To explain, users instantly get high from smoking crack and feel good for just 10 minutes. Conversely, snorting cocaine takes a few minutes to take effect but lasts up to an hour. Since crack wears off quickly, it's considered more addictive than cocaine. The 2006 US National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that 8.6 million Americans aged 12 and older reported having used crack. The fact that millions of Americans can access crack cocaine as young as twelve years of age demonstrates the accessibility and affordability of this dangerous drug.

Second, powdered cocaine is quite costly at around $150 for an eighth ounce. In contrast, crack is a cheaper alternative for addicts at only $10 for a tenth gram. This price difference often results in a socioeconomic disparity, with individuals of higher socio-economic class using powdered cocaine and users of a lower socioeconomic class showing increased rates of crack cocaine usage.

Third, criminal laws for crack vs. cocaine also differ. The Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 established minimum sentencing guidelines for quantities of cocaine for the first time. It also levied much more severe penalties for crack cocaine than for powdered cocaine: distribution of just 5 grams of crack carries a minimum 5-year federal prison sentence, while for powder cocaine, distribution of 500 grams – 100 times the amount of crack cocaine – carries the same sentence.

Effects of Crack Vs. Cocaine

Certainly, crack and cocaine produce the same pleasurable feelings at first. That said, how they damage the body long-term can be substantially different.

For instance, snorting cocaine can cause linings in the nose to thin. Thus, nosebleeds and recurring nasal infections are common. When snorted, cocaine gets swallowed and affects the digestive system. Specifically, cocaine users can have ulcers and stomach cancers. Additionally, addicts might switch to injecting cocaine for faster highs and contract infections from needles or suffer collapsed veins.

Since individuals smoke it, crack cocaine can lead to cancerous tumors in the lungs. Likewise, breathing problems like emphysema can develop. Sometimes, crack users experience visual or auditory hallucinations, as well. Despite crack vs. cocaine differences, both carry the risk of sudden death from overdose.

Treating Crack or Cocaine Addiction

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