Group discusses the ways that they can really enjoy recovery

Recovery is an accomplishment, one you should celebrate. A life that was once chaotic and driven by the need to use a drug or drink alcohol is now yours to rebuild As COVID continues to change people’s lives right now, those in recovery can spend this time looking for ways to enjoy their this time and look towards a new future – a sober one.

1. Focus on a Healthy Diet During Recovery

Three is a reason people say you are what you eat. The foods you choose to put in your body have a big impact on your mood, energy levels, and just how you feel every day when you climb out of bed.

A balanced diet is also an important part of enjoying recovery. It can help you replenish some of those vital nutrients you might be lacking because of drug use. It can also be critical in helping your body heal.

So, what makes up a balanced diet? It’s easier to obtain than you might think. Start with what you shouldn’t eat, like processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar. Plan to cut back on caffeine, as well.

2. Exercise While in Rehab

Exercise is the best way to enjoy those endorphins sometimes associated with drug use. Exercise can be an important tool in helping to stave off cravings and support your recovery. Look for activities that help your goal of enjoying recovery, like swimming, playing basketball, or bike riding. Maybe a morning run is just what you need to wake up.

3. Practice Mindfulness to Overcome Addiction

Your new sober life allows you to really start enjoying recovery -- every moment as it happens. Mindfulness is just a fancy way of saying you live in the moment and are not focusing on the past. You can practice mindfulness as you eat, exercise, and meditate. It’s a great way to give yourself a little self-love as you adjust to life without drugs or alcohol.

4. Give Back While in Recovery

Find ways to turn your experiences into something positive as you work on your recovery. That will mean different things to different people. Perhaps you can volunteer at the local homeless shelter, or raise funds for a cause you care about. It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do something that makes you feel good and enriches your community.

5. Make Sleep a Priority

Now is the time to really focus on good sleep hygiene. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Put away any electronic devices in your room that might disrupt your sleep. Give your bedroom a makeover that includes darkening curtains or shades and soothing colors.

6. Get Creative as a Healthy Outlet

You can try a new hobby, write your memoirs, or just learn a new language. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do. Just find a way to express yourself. Being creative helps your work through emotions that you might otherwise bury. It also gives you a chance to know yourself better and appreciate your talents.

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