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Myths about drugs are prevalent all over the world. People’s conceptions of what constitutes a drug, which drugs are dangerous, and what happens when one gets addicted are sometimes woefully misguided. Let's consider several of the most pernicious myths about drugs and why they are damaging.

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Myths About Drugs and Alcohol

Contrary to some myths about drugs, alcohol is absolutely a drug in every sense of the word. Alcohol is legal, and it's perfectly acceptable to drink in many social situations and life events like weddings. However, that doesn't make it safe or consequence-free. Just because alcohol legal doesn’t mean it's any less a powerful intoxicant than its illegal cousins. While it’s true that its use is common and widespread in western society, alcohol remains a potent and addictive depressant.

Just as with any other psychoactive drug, alcohol can lead to bad habits, problem use, and even addiction. In fact, alcohol is much more likely to lead to addiction than some illegal or prescription drugs. It is comparable in its addictive potential to drugs like benzodiazepines or cocaine.

Recreational marijuana is now available in many states across the country. As a result, it's gaining social acceptance that it never enjoyed in the past. However, that doesn't mean that legal weed is perfectly safe. In fact, marijuana can be just as dangerous to your health and well-being as any other drug (legal or illegal). Smoking marijuana can lead to lung issues, memory problems, reduced concentration, and more.

Myths About Drugs You Get from a Doctor

Before the opioid crisis struck America, one of the most common myths about drugs related to prescription medicine. Many people used to think that if they got a drug from a doctor they wouldn't become addicted. Then, the addictive prescription opioid Oxycontin hit the market. Millions became addicted, many of whom ended up moving on to cheaper and far more obtainable heroin.

We should have known better. Decades earlier, barbiturates took the world by storm after doctors began overprescribing them to virtually anyone. The medical community eventually stopped prescribing the drugs after new regulations came into effect. In fact, to this day, doctors dispense dozens, if not hundreds, of highly addictive compounds, including:

All of these prescription drugs can, if abused, lead to powerful addictions. Amphetamine and opioid addictions often act as dangerous gateways to street drugs like crystal meth and heroin.

Avoid This Myth About Addiction

One of the most unfortunate myths about drugs is that addiction cannot be overcome. While there is no actual "cure" for addiction, there is definitely hope for a normal life again. In fact, even those who are deeply addicted to drugs can find their way back. However, that’s not to say that it’s an easy road to travel. Indeed, the road to recovery is riddled with pitfalls and challenges. But, with the right support, treatment, and a large helping of determination, people can and do fight their way back from addiction

One of the reasons that this myth continues to circulate is that many people attempt to get clean without a realistic plan and with inadequate support. Getting clean and sober after a serious drug addiction requires significant planning, counseling, treatment, and work. Throwing away the substance and paraphernalia and swearing not to do it doesn’t usually work. There's a reason professional addiction treatment exists. Trying to kick addiction on your own is often unpredictable, uncomfortable and, in some cases, dangerous.

How We Can Help

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