man discussing detox programs texas with doctorIf you have made the choice to end your drug or alcohol addiction, that’s great! The first step on your recovery journey is withdrawal, which is when the body reacts negatively to the sudden absence of an addictive substance. Although many people decide at first to quit “cold turkey”, doctors recommend the opposite. Some withdrawals, including heroin, alcohol, and benzos, are severe and life-threatening. That’s why you should look into Texas detox center programs.

Why You Need Texas Detox Center Programs

Detox is the first step people take on their road to sobriety. Over the course of an addiction, the brain and body become used to the presence of the addictive chemical. Over time, the user’s tolerance increases, which drives them to use more of the substance more often to reach the same high. 

Physical dependence, however, is a two-sided coin. Just as it fuels the addiction, it also hurts the user when they stop using their substance of choice. When the addictive chemical is no longer present, the body exhibits multiple withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are the raison d’etre for detox center programs in Texas. This is especially true for users who used the drug for a long time or in particularly heavy doses. For these users, detox is a life-saver; withdrawal symptoms for these users can cause death if the user is not supervised.

For this reason, medical professionals urge recovering substance abusers to not undergo withdrawal alone and at home. Detox center programs in Texas provide patients with a secure, monitored space that offers medical treatment. The urge to relapse is also blocked because the patient is no longer able to access their substance of choice.

As opposed to trying to detox helpless at home, staff at a Texas detox center specialize in helping patients overcome physical dependence. Many detox center programs in Texas also offer medications designed to wean the substance abuser off of their substance. By slowing down the withdrawal process using Suboxone or methadone, the edge is taken off the worst withdrawal symptoms. The use of these prescribed drugs often continues after the end of detox.

Substance Addictions Treated At San Antonio Recovery Center

You may be asking yourself whether or not Texas detox center programs cover your specific substance. Here at San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer detox and treatment for a wide variety of substances. Every addictive substance has different withdrawal symptoms and different detox needs, all of which we can meet. Substance addictions treated here at SARC include:

Each one of the addictions listed above presents unique challenges during withdrawal. Symptoms can vary from fevers to insomnia to delirium and tremors. San Antonio Recovery Center’s detox center programs in Texas cover all of these addictions. You shouldn’t and don’t have to undergo the trials of withdrawal alone.

Addiction Treatment in Texas

San Antonio Recovery Center has addiction treatment and detox center programs for people across Texas. If you live in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, or elsewhere in the state, come to SARC for your recovery needs. Our programs adapt to your life — we offer 90-day programs, residential treatment, and intensive outpatient programs so you can meet life’s other obligations.

Once you attend SARC and undergo detox, you then move on to rehab. Our rehab programs feature a variety of therapies, along with 12-step programs, including Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

Start your journey towards sobriety today. Contact us online or call 866.957.7885 for more information on how SARC can help you.


Information for Texas Residents Seeking Drug & Alcohol Detox

Located in San Antonio, our heroin detox center is in the heart of Texas, making it a great location for residents from all over the state to seek treatment for substance abuse disorders. We commonly treat patients from other cities who are seeking a change of scenery while undergoing the recovery process. For more information, including driving directions from other cities, click through the following resources: