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In Texas, heroin and methamphetamine abuse are extremely common. Specifically, it’s incredibly difficult to overcome heroin addiction. Often, physicians use Methadone to address the physical aspects of heroin addiction. Understanding Methadone effects on the body helps you make the right decision about taking it while recovering.

Short-Term Methadone Effects on The Body

For many years, addiction experts have agreed that Methadone treatment is effective for addressing heroin addiction. For example, many studies have found navigating heroin withdrawal symptoms becomes easier. Regardless, the short term Methadone effects on the body include drowsiness, dry mouth, and lightheadedness. Urinary retention and gastrointestinal distress are also frequent side effects of Methadone treatment as well.

Long-Term Methadone Effects on The Body

Many physicians hesitate when prescribing the drug because some people develop Methadone addictions. Methadone treatment involves slowly lowering each daily dosage, to gradually wean you off of it. Until the physical opiate dependence is gone, medical professionals work hard to keep you clean.

Unfortunately, there’s overdose potential when individuals build Methadone tolerance. Ultimately, the best way to avoid Methadone addiction is by enrolling in a treatment program that properly administers the drug.

Methadone Detox

Over the course of an addiction, chemicals from Methadone cause the brain and body to adapt. At first, the body is unused to Methadone, allowing for quick and potent highs. Over time, however, the body adjusts, and it takes more Methadone used more often to achieve the same high. As the body builds tolerance, the brain drives cravings, which in turn fuels the vicious cycle of addiction.

When a physical dependency is unfulfilled, the affected person undergoes withdrawal. Withdrawal is particularly severe for heavy users, and for users of alcohol, heroin, and benzos. This severity is dangerous not only to a person's health, but also to their recovery. If a person undergoes withdrawal but has access to their substance of choice, the urge to relapse will be very strong. Withdrawal is the first, and perhaps the most difficult, roadblock to your recovery.

Since withdrawal is so severe, doctors strongly recommend against going through withdrawal alone, aka "cold turkey." Instead, doctors recommend that patients seek detox treatment. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer detox programs for alcohol and heroin, for both men and women.

Detox starts with withdrawal, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. The benefit of detox is that it takes place in a secure, medically monitored environment. Some withdrawal symptoms, like seizures or delirium tremens (for alcoholics), can be fatal if left untreated. Medical professionals monitor detox patients 24/7 to keep them comfortable and safe as their body purges the addictive substance.

Addressing Methadone Addiction Away From Home

Often, the best place to receive treatment is away from everyday surroundings. When you leave home for treatment, you’re able to fully focus on recovery. You'll also build healthy habits to begin sober living. Fortunately, one of the best places to travel for treatment is Texas.

San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas offers full-service addiction treatment for men and women. With a focus on ensuring mind and body healing, San Antonio Recovery Center has qualified, well-trained staff and comprehensive, individualized programs to increase the chances of successful recovery. We offer an aftercare program as well to help you maintain sobriety after completing one of our rehab programs.

Part of San Antonio Recovery Center’s philosophy is ensuring staff offers around-the-clock compassion and care. San Antonio Recovery Center is fully licensed with all Texas Department of State Health Services standards and understands that successful recovery takes community-driven efforts. Additionally, your privacy is especially important to our staff. The addictions our facility treats include:

The best time to begin working towards sobriety is now. There's no reason to continue letting addiction control your life. Contact San Antonio Recovery Center online or call 866.957.7885 today.

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