haggard woman drinking has an alcohol dependence

Alcohol Dependence vs. Alcohol Addiction

Many people wonder what’s the difference between alcohol dependence and addiction. Understandably, these two conditions are very similar and have overlapping signs Plus, some people use these terms interchangeably. However, knowing the differences helps people make informed decisions when seeking treatment. What Does Alcohol Dependence Mean? Addiction experts define dependence as a scale measuring degree…

Two women in an Austin addiction treatment center

Austin Addiction Treatment Center

Substance abuse is a problem for millions of Americans, including in Texas. Addiction chemically conscripts the mind and body, creating dependency and warping people’s behaviors. For those struggling with addiction and their loved ones, however, there’s hope. San Antonio Recovery Center’s Austin addiction treatment center has the programs people need to conquer addiction permanently. Have…

woman holds hand to head with compromised immune system worried about coronavirus fever

Compromised Immune System

The Dangers of a Compromised Immune System Everyone is living in unusual times with the COVID-19 pandemic, and no one is sure what the future looks like. As more states ask people to stay at home or to shelter-in-place, it’s easy for stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions to become overwhelming. Within a few short…

sneezing man on couch worried about addiction and your physical health

Addiction and Your Physical Health

Addiction and Your Physical Health Health experts say that coronavirus has adverse and deadly effects on people with underlying conditions and weak immune systems. The symptoms of COVID-19 worsen among this group of people and end up causing death. The relationship between addiction and your physical health is negative and at times life-threatening. People struggling…

man relaxed because of safety at rehab away from coronavirus

Safety at Rehab

Safety at Rehab Centers Amid COVID-19 Outbreak Each year, millions of people in the US find safety at rehab centers when they’re struggling with substance use disorders or mental health conditions. About 2.1 million annual visits to emergency rooms across the nation are related to drug abuse; this is an average of 5,000 daily visits.…