cocaine and alcohol on table

Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

Mixing cocaine and alcohol is extremely dangerous. When this is coupled with the development of addiction, there are severe consequences. Many people don’t catch the problem soon enough because both substances are considered party drugs. However, if you’re regularly combining these two substances, you may have a problem. To determine if you have an addiction,…

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Houston Rehab Benefits

People have the freedom to visit rehab centers all over the United States. However, there are a few well-known cities that offer high-quality services. For example, the addiction treatment and detox centers near Houston, Texas. Houston rehab centers and those in the surrounding areas go above and beyond what other facilities can provide. Drug Rehab…

woman sweating with symptoms of depression and drug abuse

The Relationship Between Depression and Drug Abuse

There are many factors that cause drug abuse. However, the most common is the presence of a mental health disorder, like depression. Unfortunately, people with depression are far more likely to abuse illicit substances. Additionally, those suffering from substance abuse are more likely to develop a mental health disorder. Take a look at the relationship…

woman getting out of bed holding head from different Types of Addiction issues

Understanding How Different Types of Addiction Work

There are many types of addiction ranging from drugs and alcohol to process addictions like gambling. However, many people generally don’t understand how this chronic disease works. By controlling the brain, it often makes you believe your addictive tendencies aren’t as bad as other peoples’. The effects of addiction lead us to feel isolated, further…