man searches for motivation for addiction recovery

Finding Motivation for Addiction Recovery

No matter how serious the condition, lifelong recovery from addiction is possible for everyone. However, finding motivation for change can be tough, especially when overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, and real-life obligations. So, if you or a loved one is struggling with finding motivation for addiction recovery, San Antonio Recovery Center’s motivational enhancement therapy can work…

man discusses treatment for hydrocodone withdrawal with doctor

How Long Does Hydrocodone Withdrawal Last?

If you want to quit using hydrocodone, you probably have a few questions. The most common question that people have is, “How long does hydrocodone withdrawal last?” The truth is that hydrocodone withdrawal differs from person to person, as is the case with many addictive substances. Since no two individuals process and metabolize a drug…

signs of high-functioning alcoholism

Signs of High-Functioning Alcoholism

Diagnosing an alcohol use disorder requires taking into consideration any symptoms that may be present. However, not everyone dealing with alcohol addiction presents obvious symptoms. There are those with what is often called “high functioning alcoholism.” These people may appear able to maintain daily routines and take care of themselves while still consuming excessive amounts…

psychological effects of meth addiction

The Psychological Effects of Meth Addiction

Addiction is often driven by mental health symptoms or diagnoses, and addiction can also feed into worsening mental health. Meth addiction is no exception. Methamphetamines cause high levels of dopamine to be released in the brain, causing the brain to lessen its own dopamine production. Over time, dependency on meth can mean more difficulty with…