emdr therapy for addiction treatment

EMDR Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Today, advances in addiction treatment and recovery provide countless treatment options. Sometimes, this can make choosing addiction treatment programs overwhelming. Luckily, many programs now combine various behavioral therapies with alternative therapies for holistic addiction recovery. By combining traditional evidence-based therapies with other modalities, therapists tailor treatment to an individual’s needs. Currently, EMDR is an increasingly…

yoga techniques for addiction recovery

Yoga Techiniques for Addiction Recovery

Today, alternative therapies are one of the leading ways to treat addiction. Innovative clinics pair traditional behavioral therapies like CBT and DBT with alternative modalities. Meditation, animal-assisted therapy, art, music, and dance are increasingly popular techniques for substance abuse treatment. Today, yoga therapy for addiction is one of the most popular and effective tools for…

woman struggles with self-destructive thoughts

Overcoming Self-Destructive Thoughts Through Addiction Therapy

Addiction and self-destructive thoughts often go hand-in-hand. Unable to cope with stress and painful withdrawal symptoms, an individual may remain trapped in a vicious cycle and engage in self-sabotaging behavior. However, there is always hope and overcoming self-destructive thoughts through addiction therapy is very much possible. If you or a loved one is struggling with…