pair experiencing benefits of exercise for addiction recovery

Benefits of Exercise for Addiction Recovery

Today’s studies show holistic and traditional therapies help people from all walks of life recover from addiction. By pairing behavioral therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) with alternative therapies, clients heal trauma, change thought patterns, and develop healthy coping tools. Exercise therapy programs are an increasingly popular treatment for addiction recovery.…

person learning meditation techniques to fight substance abuse

Meditation Techniques to Fight Substance Abuse

Alternative therapies for substance abuse treatment are increasingly common. Art, music, dance, wilderness, and exercise are incorporated in addiction recovery programs for holistic healing and stress management. Today, meditation and meditation therapy for addiction are popular tools for reducing drug cravings, managing triggers, and providing people with stronger mind-body connections. If you or someone you…

person explaining how experiential therapy can treat addiction

How Experiential Therapy Can Treat Addiction

Every day, addiction and mental health disorders affect people across the country. Many people struggle to share their addiction with others and ask for help. Other people may have trouble knowing where to begin. Today, most addiction therapy programs use traditional talk therapy alongside alternative therapies. Experiential therapy is a leading alternative therapy for addiction…