man in depression recovery center san antonio tx

Finding a Depression Recovery Center in San Antonio, TX

Depression affects people across the country every day. Unfortunately, many people live year after year with undiagnosed depression. Whether someone suffers from seasonal depression or more frequent depressive episodes, there is help in San Antonio and across the state with qualified depression therapy programs.  If you or someone in your life is showing signs of…

women in a ptsd treatment program san antonio tx

What to Look for in a PTSD Treatment Program in San Antonio, TX

PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder affects people from all walks of life. Generally associated with combat veterans, PTSD can happen to virtually anyone, and at any stage of life. Therefore, recognizing, understanding, and treating PTSD is essential to overall wellbeing and health. Fortunately, an effective PTSD therapy program can help. If you or someone…

a woman recognizing signs of opiate abuse in her friend

5 Signs Your Loved One is Abusing Opiates

A quick look at substance use statistics makes one thing clear: opiate use is increasingly common. Today, the United States lives in an opiate and opioid crisis. While opiates provide support for pain management, routine surgery, and other procedures, they are highly addictive. Prescription and street forms of opiate drugs contribute to staggering rates of…

what happens during music therapy

What Happens During Music Therapy for Addiction?

Today, alternative therapies are increasingly important tools for addiction recovery. In fact, studies show that by combining traditional behavioral therapy with alternative therapies like dance, art, and music therapy can reduce relapse, cravings, and help clients develop new ways to de-stress and cope with difficult emotions. In addition, music therapy is increasingly used in addiction…