three men enjoying themselves outside after finishing treatment at mens detox center txMillions of men across America struggle with addiction and its consequences every day. For some men, mental health leads them to cope with substance abuse. For other men, the culture of male socialization leads them to drink or use drugs. Addiction warps the bodies and minds of the men who struggle with it. Their bodies become chemically adapted to and physically dependent on their substance of choice. In addition, when they quit, that very dependence fuels terrible withdrawal symptoms. That’s why they need a men’s detox center in TX.

Why Men Need A Men’s Detox Center in TX

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we want men to succeed in overcoming their addictions. The first step in every person’s recovery process is detox, in which the body purges itself of the addictive chemical. The depths of a person’s withdrawal correlate with their addiction. A person who drinks or uses drugs casually won’t develop withdrawal symptoms. However, a person who uses drugs or drinks in heavy amounts, or does so constantly, is deeply addicted. For those with a severe addiction, severe withdrawal symptoms are the result.

Withdrawal symptoms for some drugs, like heroin, alcohol, and benzos, are notoriously problematic. That is why a men’s detox center in TX is necessary for the patient’s health. If they quit alone and try to go cold turkey, a number of negative outcomes could result. Seizures or, in the case of alcoholics, delirium tremens, they could die. If they have their substance of choice available to them, they could decide to relapse and reset the recovery process.

A men’s detox center in TX provides patients with a secure, medically monitored location in which to undergo withdrawal. The medical staff understands the unique male biology and the differences in male addiction vs. female addiction. As such, they are prepared to make the patient comfortable and safe during withdrawal.

Withdrawal Symptoms At A Men’s Detox Center in TX

Every man, and every addiction, and therefore every detox experience, is different. The ways in which an individual’s body or mind handles the dependency of addiction and the cravings of withdrawal differ. However, there are still common symptoms to be observed during withdrawal, cutting across various substances. These common withdrawal symptoms seen at a men’s detox center in TX include:

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Migraines
  • Seizures

There are also, as we mentioned above, some unique withdrawal symptoms. For those undergoing alcohol withdrawal, delirium tremens produces a variety of hallucinations, as well as tremors.

Residential Rehab at San Antonio Recovery Center

Detox is just the first step in the continuum of care. Firstly, many patients will continue to have post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). PAWS tends to be mental where other withdrawal symptoms are often physical. Cravings, insomnia, mood changes, and other symptoms will continue for weeks, if not months after detox is completed.

Many men also have to deal with a co-occurring mental disorder. Even though detox helps the body end physical dependence, it takes further treatment to solve a mental illness and psychological dependence. Mental disorders and substance use disorders, when both are present, feed off of and into one another. For some men, a mental disorder led them to cope with substance abuse. For other men, substance abuse and addiction developed a mental illness in their minds. In either case, San Antonio Recovery Center offers dual diagnosis treatment. Without dual diagnosis treatment, their recovery is incomplete, and relapse is far more likely.

In San Antonio Recovery Center’s residential rehab program, patients build on detox by living at the facility full time and going through a daily schedule of addiction therapy and associated activities. For patients unable to live at the facility full-time, there is also the intensive outpatient program. Intensive outpatient treatment provides therapy and activities either as a day program or as a night program. This helps patients fulfill other life obligations like work and school while continuing to receive treatment.

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