How NA Meetings Help You Maintain Sobriety

Have you or a loved one become addicted to drugs or alcohol? Have you considered getting help but doubt if a traditional inpatient drug rehab program is the best treatment option for you? Did you know that there are outpatient drug rehab programs that incorporate the 12-Step philosophy and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings that could help you overcome your problem and turn your life around?

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NA Meetings for Drug Addiction

Founded in 1953, Narcotics Anonymous is recognized and respected on a global scale as an effective drug and alcohol recovery program. It doesn't focus on any one particular drug. Instead, it gives individuals suffering from any addiction—alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs—the opportunity to work through their problems in a therapeutic and safe environment.

Recovery is about much more than just getting clean. Successful recovery involves learning healthy coping skills and techniques for resisting the temptation to use once treatment has ended. Otherwise, it’s easy to fall back into familiar and destructive patterns. To help individuals maintain life-long sobriety, the 12-Step philosophy teaches those in recovery how to replace their addictive behaviors with more productive and positive activities, thoughts, and habits. Attending meetings on a regular and frequent basis yields the best results.

Unlike customary therapeutic recovery programs, NA meetings (like AA meetings) take a compassionate and spiritual approach to addiction treatment. Typically, the steps are taught in order. However, this isn’t necessarily a requirement for the program to be a success. Each of the steps help addicted individuals recover, both emotionally and spiritually. This is a proven and tested approach that has helped countless individuals for decades overcome their addictions and maintain sobriety.

12-Step treatment programs for addiction are guided by the following philosophy:

  • Admit to having an addiction that they are unable to control
  • Recognize that help from a higher power is necessary
  • Examine and admit to past behavior
  • Mend damaged relationships
  • Learn healthy life skills for maintaining long-term sobriety
  • Give back to others who are in need

Benefits of NA Meetings

Documentation and research clearly indicate the benefits of NA meetings. Studies show that individuals who attend regular NA meetings are less likely to relapse than those who do not. In addition, NA members report increased self-esteem, improved mental health, and stronger relationships.

One of the primary reasons why NA is so effective is because it is based on the 12-Step philosophy, which has been proven to be an effective approach for treating addiction. The 12-Steps help individuals overcome their addictive behaviors and replace them with more productive and positive activities.

Another reason why NA is so effective is that it offers a safe and supportive environment for recovering addicted individuals. There is no judgment or criticism in NA. Instead, members offer empathy and understanding. This allows individuals to feel comfortable sharing their experiences and working through their issues.

Finally, NA is effective because it is a continuous program. There are no deadlines or time limits. Individuals can attend meetings for as long as they need to in order to maintain their sobriety.

Where Is Help Available?

Now that you know how NA meetings in an outpatient treatment program can help you, it’s time to seek assistance from a reputable drug rehab center. At San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas, we have a team of experienced medical professionals who are ready to help you tackle your addiction. We can help you through every step of the program. In the process, you’ll learn to temper your addictive behaviors and replace them with a healthier mindset. You will learn skills that allow you to change your thoughts, actions, and enable you to rebuild damaged relationships and return to a productive life free from addiction.

If you’re unable to commit to an inpatient drug or alcohol rehab program, our outpatient treatment program may be the perfect fit for you. At our addiction rehab center, you’ll never experience judgement or shame because of this disease. Here, peers and compassionate therapists surround you. And they can relate to the struggles that you're experiencing.

This supportive network will aid your recovery in many ways:

  • You build relationships with peers who understand the challenges you have faced and can help you resist triggers
  • These relationships make it easier to transition back into your normal lives of home, work, or school
  • If you remain engaged with this supportive network and practice the skills you learned in treatment, you will be more successful at avoiding relapse and living a productive life of recovery and sobriety

The recovery process doesn't have to be difficult or frightening. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we make it our mission to make our guests feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible. You can rest assured knowing you’ll receive quality and effective outpatient treatment in a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment.

Take The First Step Toward Recovery

Don't waste another day letting addiction control your life. The 12-Step philosophy has helped millions of people recover from the cycle of addiction, and it can help you, too.

Successful recovery and life-lasting sobriety are achievable at San Antonio Recovery Center. Call 866.957.7885 to give yourself the chance you deserve.

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