san antonio recovery center meet lacy facility tour

Lacy is a recovery support dog at San Antonio Recovery Center! Lacy’s story is very similar to many of those who seek treatment at SARC. We’ll be documenting her amazing journey and recovery here!

Lacy’s Story of Hope

When Harvey hit, Lacy was homeless and living on the streets. Thankfully, Lacy was saved and taken to shelter from the storm. After the hurricane, rescuers searched for a good home for Lacy. With over 100 potential adoptive families eager to take Lacy in, Lacy chose her home at San Antonio Recovery Center.

When Lacy arrived at San Antonio Recovery Center, she was in rough shape. Malnourished and beat up, Lacy was in desperate need of a new start. San Antonio Recovery Center proudly opened their doors to Lacy to nurse her back to health.

Lacy’s Impact

In her short time with SARC, she has already made a huge impact with both clients and staff! Through animal assisted therapy, Lacy’s sweet nature constantly brightens the days of many clients and provides them with unconditional love. Several patients who have successfully completed a program at SARC have asked to come back for special visitation with Lacy!

The team at SARC hopes that Lacy will continue to make a positive impact on those in their recovery! To learn more about treatment options, contact San Antonio Recovery Center at 866-957-7885 today.