Effective addiction treatment typically involves different types of therapy. Individual counseling is one of the most common, along with group and family therapy. If you’ve never participated in counseling before, you might wonder what it will be like. Can it really help you overcome addiction? When you partner with a skilled therapist, you begin to uncover deep-seated issues that factor into your drug and alcohol abuse. You’ll also gain productive tools that help you cope with life’s difficulties.

What to Expect in Individual Counseling

man participating in individual counseling for addictionChances are, you don’t know exactly why you abuse drugs and alcohol. You might wonder why you continue to use, despite negative consequences such as a broken marriage or jail time.

Individual counseling for addiction gets to your core issues or unresolved traumas. During your sessions, you’ll sit down one-on-one with a trained counselor. You may meet with her anywhere from 45-60 minutes. The frequency of your individual counseling sessions depends on your needs. In residential treatment, you may attend every day.

Your therapist will choose the most appropriate treatment for you, whether it’s cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or psychodynamic therapy.

Benefits of Individual Counseling for Addiction

How does therapy help you? There are numerous benefits of individual counseling, including:

  • Getting to the root issues of your addiction
  • Identifying your unique triggers, whether it’s a smell or location
  • Gaining useful coping skills to handle stress and cravings
  • Helping you build trust in others
  • Giving you a safe space to express your fears, anxieties, and concerns

Many people aren’t comfortable expressing themselves. They may worry that someone will judge them. In individual counseling for addiction, your therapist will make you feel comfortable. He’ll give you a safe place where you should feel free to discuss topics you’ve been afraid to discuss with anyone else.

Anything from difficult family dynamics to an inability to productively deal with anxiety is fair game. You may also be able to open up about particularly painful subjects — such as sexual or emotional abuse — for the first time in your life.

Continuing Individual Counseling After Rehab

Just because rehab ends doesn’t mean your addiction recovery does. This is a road you’ll walk on for the rest of your life. Continuing individual counseling for addiction can be beneficial post-residential treatment. If you step down into outpatient care, you’ll continue therapy, whether group or individual counseling.

However, you might find it beneficial to keep seeing a therapist on your own. Even if it’s years after you complete drug and alcohol rehab, individual counseling for addiction could prevent you from relapsing if you’re going through a particularly difficult time in your life.

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