Men's Drug Addiction Rehab

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction cannot be one-size-fits-all. In fact, the most effective rehab programs offer individualized approaches to treatment that addresses each patient's needs. Men and women have different needs in treatment due to their unique experiences with addiction. Although some co-ed group sessions or activities can be helpful during treatment, gender-specific components can lead to breakthroughs. All individuals in recovery should feel safe opening up during treatment. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer a men's drug addiction rehab program where men who are struggling with an addiction to prescription or illicit opioids, stimulants, or sedatives can begin to heal. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, connect with our team today.

Our men's rehab program offers personalized care in a supportive environment. Reach out to San Antonio Recovery Center by calling us at 866.957.7885 or by connecting with us online.

Benefits of a Men's Rehab Program

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Women and men have different needs in recovery. From how addiction develops to how recovery is handled, men and women go through different experiences with substance use. Because of that, each gender requires a special approach when it comes to drug rehab.

In co-ed rehab programs, addiction treatment specialists spend an equal amount of time addressing issues for both men and women. However, in a gender-specific rehab program, experienced therapists can focus on issues that specifically affect the men in the program.

Some of the benefits of men's rehab programs include:

  • A safe space to open up
  • Therapists who have experience working with men in recovery
  • Connections with other men who have struggled with addiction

Studies show that men's drug addiction rehab programs are helpful because men tend to share more. When members of the opposite sex are around, men aren’t as comfortable sharing their fears and frustrations. Experts believe that this is because of the stigma that showing fear makes them appear weak.

In short, men are more comfortable sharing information with other men than with women. Because of that, male-only support groups tend to inspire more productive conversations. This puts therapists in a position to get to the root cause of addiction more quickly. They can also help individuals beginning recovery easily identify triggers that lead to relapse.

How Our Therapists Help Men Heal

While some issues that men and women face are the same, many are different. Some of the issues that men might want to cover during treatment include:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Relationships with loved ones
  • Anger and aggression issues
  • Feelings of isolation

Men and women can feel uncomfortable sharing sexual issues in front of those of the opposite sex. However, a single-gender group can provide a safe and supportive space to talk about issues like sexual dysfunction, infidelity, or other issues that can affect relationships,

Discovering the triggers that could lead to relapse is an important part of the recovery process. During group and individual sessions, clients will develop a relapse prevention plan that can help them maintain sobriety long-term. From ongoing therapy to 12-step groups, there are a number of ways that men in recovery can continue to thrive after treatment.

What to Expect in Our Men's Rehab Program

Our men's rehab program involves medical care, individual and group therapy, and holistic approaches to treatment. We help our clients heal in body, mind, and spirit through personalized treatment plans. Some of the therapies and services we offer include:

Whether you're participating in an inpatient or outpatient program, you'll have access to the same services and support. Our team members and your peers in recovery will help you every step of the way through support and encouragement.

Reach Out to San Antonio Recovery Center Today

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we welcome individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations. The road to recovery should be open to all. Whether you identify as male, female, or nonbinary, there is a space in our addiction treatment center for you.

We offer a wide variety of addiction rehab programs. Our goal is to make our programs affordable and accessible for all of our clients. These programs include:

We believe that men and women need a full spectrum of treatment options to overcome addiction. That’s why our women's and men's drug rehab programs cover a wide range of services. All of our treatment plans keep our clients’ individual needs in mind.

Don’t live another day at the mercy of drug or alcohol addiction. Overcome your addiction in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment. Contact San Antonio Recovery Center today at 866.957.7885, or contact us online for more information.

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