profile shot of man who needs men's drug addiction rehabThere’s no magic rehab program that works for everyone. In fact, studies show that the best rehab programs for men and women vary greatly. While there seem to be many co-ed rehab programs out there, experts now recommend programs with gender-specific components. For males, finding men’s drug addiction rehab is the best option to get help in the specific areas that they need.

Why It’s Best to Differentiate Between Women’s and Men’s Drug Addiction Rehab Programs

Women and men have different needs. Studies show that how men and women handle addiction is very different. Because of that, each gender requires a special approach when it comes to drug rehab.

In co-ed rehab programs, experts spend an equal amount of time addressing issues for both men and women. However, most of these issues only appeal to one gender or the other. As a result, men and women only spend about half of their rehab addressing issues that pertain to them.

Men Share More in Male-Only Environments

Studies show that men’s drug addiction rehab programs are helpful because men tend to share more. When members of the opposite sex are around, men aren’t as comfortable sharing their fears and frustrations. Experts believe that this is because of the stigma that showing fear makes them appear weak.

In short, men are more comfortable sharing information with other men than with women. Because of that, male-only support groups tend to inspire more productive conversations. This puts therapists in a position to get to the root cause of an addiction quicker. They can also help individuals beginning recovery easily identify triggers that lead to relapse.

Different Issues and Developing an Addiction

While some issues that men and women face are the same, many are different. In women’s drug addiction rehab, women tend to talk about issues that upset them. These issues usually include unhealthy intimate relationships, parenting, eating disorders and appearances. Men, however, talk about other issues such as:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Relationships with their fathers or sons
  • Anger and aggression issues
  • Feelings of isolation

Men and women are usually uncomfortable sharing sexual issues in front of members of the opposite sex. Men may feel uncomfortable talking about sexual dysfunction. Women, on the other hand, have a hard time talking about their sexual lifestyles, especially if they’ve ever experienced sexual trauma. Not talking about these issues is a problem because sexual dysfunction can lead to drug abuse.

Many of the issues that men and women talk about trigger the root cause of their addiction. That’s why it’s so important to get both men and women to talk about these different issues separately. Once experts are able to identify the root cause, they can work on figuring out the triggers that lead to relapse.

Overcome Your Addiction With the Help of San Antonio Recovery Center

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer a number of addiction rehab programs. We design our treatments specifically for men or women. Additionally, our goal is to make our programs affordable for all of our clients.

San Antonio Recovery Center also believes that a rehab center is only as good as the programs that it offers. We’re proud to have a wide variety of programs, including:

We believe that men and women need a full spectrum of treatment options to overcome addiction. That’s why our women and men’s drug rehab programs cover a wide range of services. All of our treatment plans keep our clients’ individual needs in mind.

Don’t live another day at the mercy of your drug or alcohol addiction. Overcome your addiction in a safe and comfortable environment. Contact San Antonio Recovery Center today at 866-957-7885 for more information.