San Antonio Recovery Center strives to provide our clients with a full continuum of care for their greatest chance at recovery. We’re happy to provide sober living for women now. Our SARC Sober Home for Women gives individuals a safe space as they reintegrate back into normal society. We’re happy to provide the women’s sober living San Antonio residents need.

About Our Sober Living for Women

three women talking in a sober living for women at San Antonio Recovery Center a womens sober living San Antonio residents need The SARC Sober Home for Women gives our female clients the chance to ease back into their everyday life. Instead of jumping right back into their hectic and possibly stressful schedules, they can take the time to live among their peers as they prepare for their new life in sobriety.

This five-bedroom historic home in San Antonio offers nine beds for clients along with a house manager. The house manager will work to uphold a structured living environment for residents to help them in their first weeks of sobriety. This structure includes routine NA and AA meetings for residents along with the residents participating in service work or upholding a job. While participating in the sober living for women, residents will participate in random drug tests to keep everyone accountable. While living here, residents will also receive the continued support of San Antonio Recovery Center in the form of intensive outpatient programs and aftercare support.

Why Choose the SARC Sober Home for Women

After a womens drug addiction rehab, entering a sober living for women is a great way to continue the treatment process. A women’s only environment can help put individuals at ease as they work through their treatment program. For some individuals, addiction can stem from a past trauma that may have involved a male. A women’s only program can help clients feel comfortable and safe as they share their stories and begin to heal.

The womens sober living San Antonio provides can also remove the distraction and stress of dating during treatment. Being able to focus on treatment and recovery is another way we help reduce the chance of relapse in our clients.

Womens Sober Living San Antonio Residents Need is at San Antonio Recovery Center

At San Antonio Recovery Center, we work hard to provide our clients with the best care and support possible. We want our clients to have their best possible chance at achieving lasting recovery. Our women’s and men’s rehab programs helps us take treatment a step further and lets our clients feel safe.

Along with now providing sober living for women, we also offer the following Texas addiction rehab programs:

For the womens sober living San Antonio provides, you need San Antonio Recovery Center. Call today at 866-957-7885 to learn more about our sober living for women.