Entering addiction treatment is a time of many "firsts." Unless you went through rehab in the past, your experience includes your first exposure to a wide range of therapies. Among these is talk therapy, also called individual counseling or psychotherapy. Your one-on-one therapy experience involves sitting in a private space with a trusted therapist and discussing your past and current problems.

Most addiction rehabs assert a talk therapy program provides the best method for addiction treatment. But does talk therapy work for all people? Will it work for you?

Benefits of a Talk Therapy Program in Rehab

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Your individual counseling for addiction helps you get in touch with your feelings and motivations for abusing alcohol or drugs. You understand yourself better after exploring your thoughts and personal history with an impartial therapist. Your therapist helps guide you through your sessions, listens to you and offers insights to help you find healing.

One reason for a talk therapy program in rehab is understanding why you turned to drugs or alcohol. By gaining this awareness, you enable yourself to learn coping skills to prevent those triggers from causing a relapse.

During your substance abuse, you stopped dealing with your feelings. Instead, you turned to drugs or alcohol in self-medication. In new sobriety, suddenly experiencing feelings for the first time in months or years feels startling. This sudden reality forces you to deal with past trauma, abuses and tough aspects of your life.

All of these new feelings prove uncomfortable, at best. You find yourself fighting a range of emotions and letting many of them come to the surface. This makes it important to remember that this is progress. In therapy, you learn how to identify, express and resolve your feelings in positive ways.

Beyond Talk Therapy in Rehab

Beyond your talk therapy program, you need a range of other types of therapies and services. These include group and family therapy sessions. In group or family therapy you learn a great deal about yourself, how other people perceive you and how you relate to others. You learn how to build better relationships and foster a two-way street of communication and support.

Involvement in the 12 steps plays an important role in building support around you for the future. In a 12 step rehab program, you learn how to navigate yourself through these 12 steps. You also learn more about supporting others, while accepting their support in return. This support group method is also known for helping you heal from past mistakes and relationships, to forge a better path ahead.

You need addiction education in rehab, to help you learn about how substance abuse damages your life, relationships, health, finances, and future. By reviewing these effects and understanding the signs of addiction and relapse, you open doors for coping skills development. Coping skills provide methods for preventing relapse, long before you face a decision about using again.

In rehab treatment you keep busy. Your schedule is jam-packed, beginning with breakfast through to "lights out." This helps you work through lingering symptoms of withdrawal and learn a lot in a short period of time. In fact, rehab is the place where you learn more about yourself than you ever will in the same amount of time, likely for the rest of your life.

Talk Therapy and Other Addiction Treatment in San Antonio

In San Antonio, Texas, San Antonio Recovery Center provides a talk therapy program and other addiction therapy services. Your addiction rehab includes these therapies and accredited Texas addiction rehab programs for real hope of lasting recovery.

Programs and services of San Antonio Recovery Center include:

  • 12-step based programs
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Safe, comfortable facility
  • Family participation
  • Talk therapy program

When you are ready for strong recovery, contact San Antonio Recovery Center at 866-957-7885. Through accredited treatment and a talk therapy program in San Antonio, you can build a better life for yourself and your family.

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