Drug and alcohol abuse often accompany or exacerbate other issues, including mental health disorders. One problem makes the other worse, although users often believe that drinking or using drugs makes them feel better. In the short term, they may be able to escape their negative emotions. Eventually, however, addiction will catch up to them. If it’s paired with a mental illness, treatment can be more complicated. If you need depression treatment, find the care you need instead of making your life worse with drugs and alcohol.

depression treatment The Connection Between Addiction and Depression

It’s common for someone who’s battling depression to deal with substance abuse as well. What’s the connection between the two?

Sometimes, depression comes first, as the result of a divorce, loss of a parent, or merely a chemical imbalance. Many people think they only have the blues and need to “get over it.” Instead of seeking depression treatment, they begin to drink more and more. While alcohol seems to help them relax, their dependence on it grows, creating more problems, including addiction.

Other times, drug and alcohol abuse comes first. As addiction worsens, mental health declines as well. People end up anxious or depressed due to the dependency.

Depression treatment alone won’t solve the addiction problem. That’s where co-occurring disorders treatment comes in. This type of treatment seeks to resolve mental health issues — such as mood disorders — along with substance use disorder simultaneously. This is called dual diagnosis, and it recognizes that depression and addiction affect and reinforce one another, so they must be treated as a complex, multi-faceted condition. This requires an integrated therapeutic approach administered by trained professionals using evidence-based treatments.

If you’re grappling with addiction and depression, then the depression treatment San Antonio, TX, offers may be the answer for you.

What Works in Depression Treatment?

There’s more than one way to treat depression. The most effective course of action in depression treatment should meet an individual’s needs. There are a variety of proven treatments for depression, and a trained professional will determine which treatment, or combination of treatments, is specifically right for you. In San Antonio, TX, experienced professionals who understand the reasons behind your depression can devise a program that addresses your mental health as well as any accompanying substance use disorders. This program may include:

  • Medications that are proven and effective at treating depression, many with minimal side effects
  • Natural remedies which may also be effective in treating some forms of depression
  • Routine physical activity which produces feel-good chemicals, so you experience a natural “high” without the negative effects that drugs and alcohol cause
  • Eating a well-balanced diet
  • Talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are effective in depression treatment as well

When you combine an evidence-based approach with natural stress relievers, you may not even need medication.

Depression Treatment San Antonio TX

Depression involves feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness accompanied by apathy. Depressed people frequently stop doing things they once enjoyed.

The emotional effects of depression can result in physical symptoms, too, such as body aches and pains. The depression treatment San Antonio, TX residents need is affordable, local care that’s within reach for anyone. If you’re struggling with addiction as well as depression, it’s crucial that you receive the right care for both.

Affordable Texas-Based Addiction Rehab

Are you looking for Texas addiction rehab programs that are accessible to you or a loved one? San Antonio Recovery Center provides the supportive, therapeutic care you need. Our dual diagnosis program offers substance abuse and depression treatment San Antonio, TX residents trust.

The rehab programs we offer include:

You don’t have to fight drug and alcohol addiction on your own. The caring professionals at San Antonio Recovery Center are here to help you. Reach out today and find out how you can create a better, brighter future. Call us at 866.957.7885 for more information about depression treatment.