woman in need of the anxiety treatment San Antonio TX trustsAnxiety isn’t a rare mental health disorder. Millions of Americans suffer from some type of anxiety, but few get the anxiety treatment they need. Instead of living the full, rich life they want, the negative mental and emotional effects of the disorder cripple them. Many of them choose to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, which leads to even more problems in their lives. If your anxiety prevents you from being the healthy person you deserve to be, the time to seek help is now.

Do You Need Anxiety Treatment?

Just as there are varying forms of depression, there are different types of anxiety. From PTSD or social anxiety to generalized anxiety disorder, all of these can hamper a person’s ability to participate in her own life fully.

How do you know if you need anxiety treatment San Antonio TX? You may have symptoms, such as:

  • Feeling constant fear or dread
  • An inability to get over your fears, despite numerous attempts
  • Difficulties with your job or relationships due to your fears
  • Restlessness
  • Self-medicating to manage your anxiety

If you’re like many other Americans, perhaps you drink or take sedatives to soothe your anxious nerves. However, is that really helping? Substance abuse could be making things much worse.

Anxiety and Addiction

As someone abuses more drugs and alcohol to cope with his anxiety, his risk of becoming dependent on addictive substances increases. As an addiction develops, drug and alcohol abuse doesn’t make the anxiety go away. The opposite usually happens — the anxiety becomes worse as his mental health declines. He may also develop worsening depression or paranoia.

When addiction and anxiety co-exist, anxiety treatment alone isn’t enough.

Effective Substance Abuse and Anxiety Treatment

While medical professionals may take one type of approach to anxiety treatment — including prescribing medication — things are more complicated when you add substance abuse into the equation. It’s not enough to address one or the other. An effective course of treatment addresses both disorders at the same time.

For instance, if someone only receives anxiety treatment, her substance abuse issues will still be there. At first, her anxiety may seem better, but as she continues self-medicating, her symptoms will eventually return. In addition, she won’t get to the core reasons behind her addiction.

In this instance, the anxiety treatment San Antonio TX offers must be part of co-occurring disorder treatment to address both issues.

Addiction and Anxiety Treatment San Antonio TX Residents Trust

All rehabs aren’t the same. If your anxiety presents alongside addiction, you need treatment for co-occurring disorders to truly get well. Are you concerned you won’t be able to find substance abuse and anxiety treatment San Antonio TX residents rely on?

There is a local facility that not only provides dual diagnosis treatment; it is also affordable and accessible.

Giving You the Best Chance at Recovery

San Antonio Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehab facility dedicated to helping clients achieve health and wellness. We don’t focus on one area of treatment. Instead, we provide a full spectrum of care to address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Our Texas addiction rehab programs include:

If you need the anxiety treatment San Antonio TX offers as part of an effective dual diagnosis treatment program, call us today at 866-957-7885. We help men and women regain control of their lives and get the fresh start they desperately need.