Motivational Enhancement Therapy Program

If you or a loved one are starting to learn to live drug or alcohol-free, you require added assistance to get motivated. Get rid of the feeling that you cannot progress in therapy. This is where a motivational enhancement therapy program comes into play. Our goal at The San Antonio Recovery Center is to get you engaged in the treatment process right from the start. If you are also looking for a dialectical behavior therapy program in San Antonio, TX, we can help.

What Is a Motivational Enhancement Therapy Program?

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Motivational enhancement therapy is a counseling approach, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Another name for this highly successful treatment modality is motivational engagement therapy. Sometimes, we use it in conjunction with a 12-step program. At times, we use a motivational enhancement therapy program in place of the 12-step process. As with all of our treatments, we work to find out as much as we can about you. This process yields excellent results.  We will learn what works together.

Everybody’s addiction is entirely different. The clients we serve began their addiction for personal reasons. Furthermore, each one of you experienced different consequences resulting from your addiction. But, the critical factor is how you're going to recover from addiction successfully. We work with you to find that key.

This approach goes after your internal motivator to change by starting treatment with an in-depth initial assessment battery. A battery obtains a vivid picture of the individual and their addiction. Additionally, two to four individual therapy sessions follow the battery.

We use the information gathered in the assessment to discuss unique substance and alcohol use issues. The goals of your treatment plan are the goals you set for yourself at intake. These sessions are used to plan effective change for you. You engage in the process using your own words and experiences to shape your treatment.

Therapy sessions continue in the motivational enhancement therapy program model with:

  • Monitoring and discussions of the abstinence strategy
  • Your success with sobriety
  • Your commitment to maintaining abstinence
  • Family members and friends are brought into the sessions to aid in addiction treatment programs

Looking for Motivational Enhancement Therapy in San Antonio, TX?

The center of our success at San Antonio Recovery Center is helping you successfully recover from alcohol or substance abuse.  The following are tenets we stress:

  • A 12 step philosophy in addition to other treatment modalities
  • Affordability, so treatment is a viable option
  • Insurance verification provided in a timely manner
  • Emphasis on heroin and alcohol treatment
  • A combination of accurate diagnosis, advanced treatment methods, and a supportive and therapeutic environment
  • Uniquely designed treatment plans tailored for you - this special design meets your medical, emotional, physical and spiritual needs
  • Family participation is strongly encouraged

At San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC), we appreciate the benefits of this form of therapy. It is quite useful to you or your loved ones who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. Furthermore, giving you the tools you need to enter and stay in recovery is our motivation. Additionally, if you want to set up a tour or learn more about this and other treatment modalities, call us today at 866.957.7885. We're available around the clock because your addiction does not keep office hours. You feel its effects 24 hours a day. By treating outside of the box, we help our clients reach their sober goals.

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