Under certain circumstances, identifying a codeine addiction is difficult. However, it’s much easier to identify other prescription medication addictions. This is because codeine and prescription pills are legal, so many people don’t suspect they’re abusing them. Medical doctors prescribe these drugs, so in many cases, their use is much easier to justify.

A man appears distressed while thinking about his codeine addictionWhy Does a Codeine Addiction Develop?

Codeine is a medication for people struggling from chronic pain, or a recent injury. Not only does codeine block pain receptors in the brain, it also produces euphoria. This feeling of happiness and well being comes from dopamine, one of the brain’s natural chemicals. Unfortunately, the flooding of dopamine is the primary reason people develop addictions. Depending on what triggers your use, the continual codeine abuse has addictive potential.

  • These triggers might include:
  • Intense cravings
  • Physical dependence
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Sadness and depression
  • Boredom

When something triggers you, you learn to turn to drugs as a coping method. This leads to compulsive use. Thus, your mind begins justifying and rationalizing the abuse. Even if you’re using medication for good reason, your mind makes up a reason to abuse codeine. Eventually, you’ll have no control over your addiction, and your life will become unmanageable.

Signs of a Codeine Addiction

It’s possible to have a genetic predisposition to addiction. Therefore, a codeine addiction may occur immediately. If so, you may begin taking the medication and immediately crave it. Other people develop addiction much slower. Regardless, it all begins with substance abuse. Overall, medication abuse is taking more than the dosage a doctor prescribes. For example, you could double or triple the amount to feel euphoric.

Eventually, you may convince your doctor you need a higher dose. However, many states regulate prescriptions, so to combat this, prescription pill users often doctor shop. This also involves looking for stronger opiates. Believe it or not, prescription opioid addiction is the primary reason people turn to heroin.

If you’re struggling with a codeine addiction, turning to heroin may seem insane. However, if you have a severe addiction and experience withdrawal, you might use heroin out of desperation. Eventually, obtaining prescription drugs becomes expensive, so many people turn to heroin to avoid sickness. This is why getting help before it’s too late is so vital to your well-being.

Getting Help

San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas understands exactly what you’re going through, and we can help. Although you may believe it’s impossible to conquer addiction, we’re here to offer hope. You’ll have the opportunity to begin living a happier, healthier life for yourself and your family.

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