mom and son discussing the need for methadone addiction treatment as they enroll in a methadone addiction rehab programYou struggled with opioid addiction. When you went to get help, they gave you methadone replacement therapy. You don’t know exactly how it happened, but you developed a dependency. Trust the San Antonio Recovery Center to provide you with the methadone addiction rehab you need – and more.

Methadone Replacement Therapy Sometimes Creates New Problems

Methadone addiction rehab program therapists routinely work with people who swapped one dependency for another. Frequently, this happens when a program doesn’t offer adequate support. Similarly, the physiological development of tolerance and subsequent dose increases spell trouble. That’s when you might need methadone addiction rehab.

What’s Methadone?

Methadone’s a painkiller. Due to its chemical makeup, it doesn’t affect people the way that other opioids do. Therefore, it can work well as a replacement therapy product in a methadone addiction rehab program. However, it can only do so under strict supervision with several safety mechanisms in place.

When these are not part of the treatment plan, it jeopardizes a long-term recovery. Rather than giving you control over the healing process, the drug hooks you. You might now need methadone addiction treatment. However, would you trust the same facility that gave you the drug in the first place?

Working in a Methadone Addiction Rehab Program That Customizes a Care Protocol for You

The San Antonio Recovery Center operates the Texas addiction rehab programs that put the client first. Whereas others automatically reach for drug replacement therapy, our therapists assess your needs. From there, we consult with you on the options. The goal is to provide you with a drug and alcohol rehab that leads to lifelong recovery.

Possible treatments during a methadone addiction rehab program focus on behavioral and medical solutions. Examples include:

Because everyone’s different, your methadone addiction rehab program might differ from someone else’s. That’s okay. Consider that you have unique needs that someone else might not share. Besides that, the therapeutic interventions have to have relevance for you.

If they don’t speak to you, methadone addiction treatment might not be as effective as it could be. Most importantly, the San Antonio Recovery Center’s methadone addiction rehab wants to give you a vision for your future. You’ll believe that you can live sober. Because you practice doing so at the facility, the transition to independent living becomes more comfortable.

Aftercare Protects Your New Sobriety After Methadone Addiction Treatment

Because addiction’s a chronic condition, there isn’t a cure. Methadone addiction rehab breaks the hold the drug has on you. Furthermore, it helps you understand what triggers might cause you to relapse. That’s why aftercare is an essential treatment aspect.

For many, methadone addiction treatment will transition from residential care to intensive outpatient treatment. You maintain the connection with the facility. However, you now schedule therapy around your work. You begin to feel secure in your sobriety.

If there’s a hiccup along the way, you return to the facility. Methadone addiction treatment can continue on an outpatient basis. Remember, you’re in charge of your recovery. It’s an empowerment that works well for clients. Learn more about your options today.

The methadone addiction rehab program at the San Antonio Recovery Center welcomes your questions. Intake advisors have the answers you need. Call 866-957-7885 now.