two women discussing an ambien addiction rehab programIf you struggle with insomnia, you might have begun using Ambien to help you sleep. Over time, you began to enjoy the feeling of calmness the drug provides. Finally, you continued to use it long after the prescription had run out. That feeling you so experienced changed into a craving, and you realized you had developed an Ambien addiction.

While at first, it was hard to admit, eventually, you realized that you needed help to break the hold the drug had on you, so you set out to find an Ambien addiction rehab program. At San Antonio Recovery Center, we offer a full spectrum of treatments to help you with your fight against Ambien addiction. We focus on healing you medically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The result is that you can live a life free of addiction.

Ambien is often for people who want to avoid benzodiazepine drugs that they believe are more addictive. However, Ambien is addictive as well and abusing it can quickly lead to forming a habit, whether you use it to calm down or to achieve euphoria. Once you develop an addiction, however, you need to get help from a benzo addiction rehab program.

Signs and Symptoms of Ambien Addiction

An Ambien addiction can become very dangerous over time. As you use Ambien more and more, you also build a tolerance, so the dosages you take end up much bigger than might be recommended. And as you use more, you also begin to show signs of abuse. Nausea, fatigue, and confusion all are signs that Ambien withdrawal is settling in.

You can also experience confusion, irritability, shakiness and stomach cramps. However, as the addiction develops, the symptoms might become much more serious and even life-threatening. Using high dosages of the drug can lead to memory loss, seizure and problems with respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Often, addiction to prescription medicine is accompanied by an addiction to other substances, including alcohol. You might also struggle with a co-occurring mental health issue. Treatment needs to address all the issues you face, so a drug and alcohol rehab facility can offer the different treatments you need.

What to Expect from Ambien Addiction Rehab Program

Once you decide to seek treatment, you can find the help you need at San Antonio Recovery. Our programs include a 90-day intensive program, residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and aftercare. As well, you can participate in programs designed for specific groups, such as our women’s and men’s drug addiction rehab programs.

Most importantly, you can count on support throughout your journey. We believe that dealing with addiction is a lifelong process, so we also involve your loved ones on the recovery journey. Family and friends can participate through therapy sessions designed to help them assist you through your process.

Addiction Treatments Help You Get Back Your Life

To overcome an Ambien addiction, you can count on help from professionals who deliver quality treatment at an affordable price. Our Ambien addiction rehab program is designed to offer you personalized treatment planned around your needs. Our treatments include:

If you are concerned about the costs of our Ambien addiction rehab program, you can rest assured that we do not let finances prevent you from getting quality treatment. Our high-quality services are affordable, and we accept a variety of insurance coverages.

Don’t continue on the twisted road of Ambien addiction. You can find help to overcome addiction at our Texas addiction rehab programs. Call us today at 866-957-7885 and return to a healthier, sober you.