Therapy is a vital resource for those struggling with drug addiction. Those with substance use disorder require assistance to get down to the core of their problem with drugs. Therefore, through the broad spectrum of therapy options, people gain perspective and help for the difficulties associated with substance use disorder. Also, some of the therapies include group therapy, individual therapy, holistic therapy, and family therapy program in San Antonio TX. Let’s look at a couple of these therapy programs in more depth.

Group Therapy

Group therapy consists of a small group of people who gather together around a common goal or theme. The number of participants may be as small as five members or

individuals participate in group therapy

may include a dozen; it is up to the therapist. In addition, the therapist can guide the sessions to focus on particular topics each session or progress from one part of a topic to the next part. Additionally, the therapist could host open-style sessions where participants are free to talk about anything that’s on their mind.

Benefits of Group Therapy

People who participate in group therapy benefit from the inclusiveness of the group. Being connected to others who are facing similar struggles makes them feel less lonely or isolated. This can potentially aid in decreasing depression for those who have co-occurring conditions and need dual diagnosis treatment.

A group therapy program in San Antonio TX also provides an outlet for individuals to brainstorm about solutions and strategies that may work. Also, as people share their stories or problems, it can trigger a conversation. Someone may have had a similar experience that he or she can use to help the other person. The more people who discuss an issue, the better chances there are for solutions.

Family Therapy

At a family therapy program in San Antonio TX, participants will have the chance to heal the wounds caused by drug addiction. Substance abuse rarely leaves a family untouched. The trouble it brings to the family bond can be mild or severe. Communication breaks down, while families struggle to cope with seeing their loved one under the spell of drug addiction. Sometimes a family member enables the one who is dealing with addiction, which complicates issues.

Guilt, rage, and co-dependency are just a few of the issues dealt with during family therapy time. In addition, a certified therapist will guide family members to learn new ways to communicate, learn to forgive, and develop strategies for helping the affected member during stressful times.

Benefits of Family Therapy

The benefits of involving yourself in family therapy through a rehab treatment center include:

  • An outlet to air your grievances concerning issues that occurred
  • Education about drug addiction so family understands that it’s a health disorder
  • Learn tools to navigate difficult family problems that may arise in the future
  • Identify any triggers the affected person has so they can be eliminated (or limited)
  • Closure for the grief endured during the drug addiction time

Introducing San Antonio Recovery Center

At San Antonio Recovery Center our compassionate staff is ready to help you through the steps of healing. We believe the very foundation for healing is found through therapy. This delves into the core behavior of what led you to use drugs in the first place. Also, using only evidence-based therapy modalities, our accredited facility offers top quality therapeutic approaches.

Some of our therapy programs include:

Don’t let addiction and co-occurring mental health problems overwhelm your life. You can have a bright future that is full of peace and happiness. Join group therapy at a quality rehab. Contact us at 866.957.7885, and we’ll get you on the path to healing.