Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Substance abuse is a growing problem across the United States. However, not everyone seeks treatment. Often, this is because they don't acknowledge they need it. They may be apprehensive about what to expect. Fortunately, having an overview of substance abuse rehabilitation helps them decide to get help.

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When to Seek Drug Treatment

Some people simply deny they have a substance abuse problem. Others don't think the problem is bad enough for addiction treatment. Often, people think they must lose jobs, friends, and family to warrant going to drug rehab.

Contrary to these beliefs, people don't have to hit rock bottom before seeking substance abuse rehabilitation. If they start questioning whether or not they need treatment, it’s time to start looking.

Additionally, rehab is necessary for those who previously quit, then relapsed. Furthermore, cravings, dangerous use, lack of control, tolerance, and withdrawal are also signs that treatment is necessary. Tension-filled relationships are common indicators as well. Whether these signs are mild or severe, it's important to prevent further harm by getting help as soon as possible.

Duration of Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Overall, there's no timeframe for completing drug rehab. Depending on the substance of choice, different chemical changes occur in the body. Therefore, nobody recovers from substance abuse similarly. Thus, rehab centers design treatment plans according to each person's unique needs.

Among various drug programs are different treatment durations. Generally, the options include 30, 60, and 90 days. People seeking treatment get help from rehab centers to decide which option is best. Staff members decide on a treatment plan according to people's family drug history and genetic factors.

However, most people need at least three months of treatment to achieve sobriety. Additionally, research shows that longer treatment durations deliver the best results. Therefore, extended programs are ideal after residential care. For example, sober living teaches methods for maintaining sobriety and general life skills.

A Typical Day in Rehab

Before users seek substance abuse rehabilitation, many people worry about what happens during treatment. Inpatient programs have the most structure, which keeps stress down and provides comfort and safety. Additionally, every rehab center offers different amenities and services. Above all, they follow schedules that balance relaxation and therapy.

Getting restful sleep is one useful element rehab centers incorporate. For example, to achieve this, they encourage reasonable wake-up and lights-out scheduling. When patients awake, they get a healthy breakfast and may attend meditation or yoga classes for initial relaxation.

After breakfast, patients may attend group sessions. The more intense therapy begins after lunch. Patients usually attend individual, family, group, and specialized sessions. Counselors may incorporate various therapeutic methods including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Patients may attend outside speaker sessions as well. They’ll also participate in holistic healing methods such as art, music, and equine therapy. Along with promoting a healthy diet, many rehab centers provide exercise programs. Plus, patients may receive free time for outdoor recreational activities to improve mobility and increase endorphins.

Finally, after a break for dinner, patients may attend short group sessions. They may have free time before bed as well. They may spend that time doing quieter activities like reading or writing in a journal.

Get Treatment for Substance Abuse at San Antonio Recovery Center

If you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, help is available at San Antonio Recovery Center in San Antonio, Texas. Our treatment center offers diverse abuse and drug addiction programs, including:

We encourage family member inclusion during treatment to help build necessary support networks. Our rehab schedule allows you to attend therapy while having new experiences. We combine several aspects of treatment to encourage lasting sobriety.

Don't let drug abuse drag you to rock bottom. Overcome addiction and learn how to productively cope with your transgressions. Call San Antonio Recovery Center now at 866-957-7885 to start treatment today.

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