Alcohol education helps children avoid substance abuse. But after suffering addiction, you need more education about how drinking affects your past, present, and future. Through this learning, you gain coping skills, life skills and a better understanding of yourself. If you suffer co-occurring conditions like anxiety, depression or PTSD, you also learn about keeping your mental health in check.

Do I Need Alcohol Education?

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Drug or alcohol use affects over eight percent of the American public. That is 21.6 million people sharing your current problem. Unfortunately, only 10 percent of these people ever get the help they need.

Children's alcohol education in school or community programs helps them avoid drinking despite so many ads and signs pointing them to alcohol use. If this does not prevent alcohol dependence, you must learn more through alcohol education. Alcohol education in rehab is different than what you learned in school, however.

Rehab education about alcohol includes:

  • Reasons you started drinking
  • Co-occurring mental illnesses
  • Signs showing relapse is coming
  • Health problems caused by drinking
  • Life and coping skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Triggers and temptations

Together, all of this information helps you stay sober and lead a happier, healthier and more productive life. This education takes place alongside important therapies and treatments, not in place of those methods.

You quickly lose control over your life when you abuse alcohol. Alcohol education does not need to tell you that. But you must learn about your own alcohol use and effects, so you do not repeat negative patterns.

Education is also vital for your family. They need to understand the problems within the family unit and how alcohol abuse runs in families. Recognizing signs of addiction and possible relapse add to these important points.

What Else Do I Need in Rehab?

Rehab is a major learning experience. But much of that learning takes place through therapies and other services. For this reason, quality Texas addiction rehab programs first provide two important things. Those include your clear diagnosis and treatment plan.

Diagnosis indicates whether you suffer from alcohol dependence alone or need help for co-occurring conditions of mental illness. Knowing this information helps you understand what rehab education you need. It also forms the structure of your individual treatment plan, your roadmap to recovery. Your treatment plan serves as a fluid guide, changing as your needs change but continuing to point you toward lasting recovery.

Therapies you need in rehab include psychiatry, individual counseling called "talk therapy" by many, group therapy and family therapy. Each of these types of therapy opens your eyes to your particular alcohol and mental problems. They also give you the keys to solving those problems and preventing relapse in the future. Neither addiction education nor therapy work alone, as you need both of these services for true sobriety and wellness.

San Antonio Recovery for Alcohol Education and Recovery

Alcohol treatment at San Antonio Recovery Center provides the diagnosis, treatment plan, therapies, support and education you need for a better future. All of this work takes place in a safe, comfortable facility among peers in treatment and recovery. In only a matter of hours into your rehab experience, you start setting goals and following your road map to your new life.

Therapies, education, and support of San Antonio Recovery Center's drug and alcohol rehab include:

Call San Antonio Recovery Center now at 866-957-7885 to start learning more about these affordable programs and alcohol education. You can gain the fresh start you want through learning and practice.

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