Drug education helps you avoid substance abuse as a child and adolescent. But after addiction takes hold, you need focused education about how your drugs impact your life and those of people around you. You also need better coping skills, life skills, and understanding of your co-occurring conditions. You gain this education in an accredited rehab treatment center.

Why Do You Need Drug Education?

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports almost 22 million Americans are in need of drug or alcohol abuse rehab. That is 8.4 percent of the U.S. population. Sadly, only 2 million people make it into rehab. Then 90% remain, flailing in their addiction.

Drug education for children prevents many people from starting drug use. But after you suffer substance use disorder, you need drug education again. This rehab learning plays an important role in recovery. To get to know the depths of your problem, you must learn about many topics, including:

  • Your drug use root causes
  • Co-occurring conditions
  • Risk for relapse
  • Health risks
  • Coping skills and life skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Your own triggers

All of these points affect your addiction, as well as your sobriety. So your rehab drug education occurs alongside other important services. These vital services include therapy and support groups.

Substance abuse controls and ruins your life quickly. You do not need drug education to see that truth. But you must learn more about your drug use and effects, to avoid a return to this negative and destructive pattern.

Your family must also learn, so they know how to aid in healthy ways instead of enabling or ignoring your addiction. In their educational sessions, they pick up on how to provide positive support. They also get to know signs of relapse, so they see risk for relapse long before you actually pick up your drug to use it.

Other Services You Need in Rehab

Besides learning, what other services help you after drug and alcohol rehab? First, your Texas addiction rehab programs must provide a diagnosis of your co-occurring conditions. These conditions that occur alongside drug use include mental health problems like depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders. If you suffer from these conditions, you need dual diagnosis care and to learn about taking care of your overall health.

Rehab also must include multiple therapies. You need psychiatry for your mental illness, to ensure your best mental health in rehab. Also important are individual counseling, group therapies, and family therapies.

All of this therapy works together in your individual treatment plan. Your plan is clear, but fluid. This means you gain a prescribed path for recovery, but as your needs evolve so does the path, itself.

San Antonio Recovery for Addiction Treatment and Drug Education

The quality option for San Antonio accredited rehab treatment and drug awareness is San Antonio Recovery Center. San Antonio Recovery Center offers a safe, comfortable place for learning about your conditions. You set goals for your new life and start reaching those heights as you learn more about yourself.

Programs, education, and therapies of San Antonio Recovery Center (SARC) include:

Call SARC now at 866-957-7885 to discuss these affordable programs, including drug education. Your future relies on your learning and understanding of the problems you face.

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