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Are you suffering from heroin abuse? Do you have a loved one that is struggling with heroin addiction? If so, it's normal to feel frightened and overwhelmed. While the process of seeking help is a long road filled with many struggles, quality heroin clinics San Antonio trusts are present to assist you. The following information will help you learn more about the effects of heroin. It will also cover the importance of getting adequate treatment for addiction.

What Is Heroin?

Heroin is a potent drug made from morphine. Unlike prescription forms of pain-relieving medications, addicts choose to use heroin recreationally for the euphoric feelings it can create in the body. Due to these pleasurable feelings, discontinuing the use of heroin can be very difficult for many people. Once an individual who is addicted to heroin stops using it, they will likely experience painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Going through the detox process in an addiction treatment center can help mitigate these symptoms.

Effects of Heroin Abuse

Heroin abuse can create many different long and short-term effects on the body. Heroin clinics San Antonio relies on are equipped to help you effectively deal with the numerous effects of heroin, including:

  • Warm skin flush- When the results of heroin begin to take hold, the person often experiences a sudden rush of intense warmth over the surface of their skin.
  • Severe dry mouth- The effects of heroin can create changes in the salivary glands that lead to a chronically dry mouth. This dryness can be an uncomfortable symptom for some people.
  • Slowed breathing and heart rate- Heroin has a depressant effect on many systems of the body. As a result, the person's breathing pattern and heart rate can become drastically slowed. In fact, they can even enter into a coma if these systems slow down too much.
  • Inability to think clearly- Heroin also has powerful effects on brain functioning. This change in function can lead to the inability to focus, poor judgment, and cloudy thinking.

Helping Your Loved One Find Relief

It's essential for your loved one to know you care about his wellness and recovery from addiction. In fact, it's typical for people struggling with addiction to feel very lonely throughout the process. They sometimes even think that they've lost the respect and concern of their family members. Continual emotional support can be vital. One strategy that can help families reconnect and reestablish trust when addiction issues have damaged relationships is family therapy. In this therapy option, families meet with experienced counselors to work through the problems that addiction has caused.

Finding Effective Heroin Clinics San Antonio Offers

There is a suitable heroin rehab center in Texas that will be able to offer effective treatment for all types of addiction issues. When researching centers for addiction treatment, it can help to be aware of your problem areas and goals for the future. This awareness will help you come up with the right questions and points you'd like to address with each possible treatment facility. In treatment, you'll work with addiction specialists to address many issues surrounding heroin abuse.

San Antonio Recovery Center is a rehabilitation facility providing access to compassionate treatment choices for those suffering the ill effects of addiction. By making good use of an in-depth 12-step program, this treatment center can help identify the principal causes of the problem so that practical solutions can begin. Our treatments include:

You don't have to allow addiction to keep you trapped in a cycle of self-defeat. Heroin clinics San Antonio counts on are here to help you fight your addiction. Contact San Antonio Recovery Center at 866.957.7885 to discover the best way we can get you on the road to a complete recovery.

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